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"Costas Verdes - Reforesting the
Coasts of Costa Rica!"

[interview at Envision Festival 2017 by Simone Pownall]

-> Published on 3/5/2017

For the past 3 years Costas Verdes have been planting trees on the land that the Envision Festival is held. What a great way to rejuvenate the land, provide shade for festival goers and of course provide a space for the birds and small mammals to enjoy.

Costas Verdes, Fundraising Director for Costas Verdes.  Interview with's writer Simone Pownall. #envisionfestCR #envisionfestival #crsurf #ecotourism More information:

I spoke to Federico, he is the Fundraising Director for Costas Verdes: a non - profit organisation whose aim is to re-forest the coasts of Costa Rica.  It was begun in 2009 by a group of surfers that have a goal to become Costa Rica’s leading reforestation organisation. They have been successful in creating a coastal forest on Playa Hermosa and Playa Guiones.

There are many benefits to this wonderful project such as: active community participation, increased tourism and of course a huge benefit is the effect on the environment.

The logo for Costas Verdes, as it was broken down to me by Fredrico, contains three parts: 1) a turtle which represents the ocean and the water which irrigates the earth; 2) a bird which symbolizes the sky and oxygen; and finally 3) a crab for mother earth, the planting and the soil where the trees grow.

Costas Verdes Adopt a Tree Participants at this years Envision Festial 2017 getting ready to plant their iindigenious tree #envisionfestCR #envisionfestival #ecotourism #adoptatree #environment

This year Envision Festival have partnered with Costas Verdes. They have provided them with a space for a workshop, a stand so they could promote themselves over the festival weekend and they support them with promotion and marketing.

CRSurf's writer Simone Pownall Adopts a Tree and dedicates it to her new beautiful baby girl Chloe at Envision Fesitval 2017. #envisionfestCR #envisionfestival #crsurf #costarica

Everyone at the festival had the opportunity to adopt a tree and be part of a tree planting ceremony. I adopted one for my baby girl. We all wrote our intention on a card and walked together to plant our tree overlooking the bamboo yoga space. Energies were high and I had a warm feeling and a knowing that this project is extremely special and I have no doubt it will continue to be successful. I am looking forward to visiting our tree in years to come.

So, instead of buying your loved ones flowers that will wither and die! You could adopt them a tree and know you are supporting the environment. All you need to do is visit: and now you can pay by PayPal. Then book your flight for you and your loved one to Costa Rica and visit your tree!

Article by Simone Pownall, writer at





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