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CRSURF.com was created in 1999 to help surfers in Costa Rica find the best place to surf, to help travelers plan their trip, and to keep them informed of news and upcoming events. We have published well over 900 surf reports and forecasts, and helped thousands of surfers and their families with their vacations. We believe in supporting sustainable, community led tourism efforts on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and have been a leader in promoting environmental causes. In 2011 we became 1% for the Planet Ambassadors, and in 2012 received the status of a Benefit Corporation in California, which means including sustainability in EVERY business decision taken.

Our Mission: To help locals and travelers find the best places to surf, stay, and play in Costa Rica.

Our Benefit Mission: To help surfers unite their communities by promoting sustainable tourism and protecting coastal ecosystems.


We are activists for the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots organization that works to protect the world's oceans, waves, and beaches. We've helped to organize beach cleanups in Tamarindo, Jaco, Puerto Viejo, and Dominical, built and donated recycle bins, and support environmental and community groups like PRETOMA, ASANA, ATEC, Tropical Adventures, and the Dominical lifeguards. Each year CRSURF donates $100 to the Dominical lifeguards. We are also 1% for the Planet members, donating 1% of our proceeds to CREMA who protect sea turtles and sharks in Costa Rica.

We are committed to promoting eco-friendly options for travelers, and will never advertise hotels, development projects, or realtors that maliciously damage the environment or the culture of the country. We treat every client with the highest level of service and work hard with our suppliers to deliver it.


In the past we have sponsored five local surfers, Leilani McGonagle, Noe Mar McGonagle, Jossue Venegas, Jefferson Tacson, and Debbie Zec. They were chosen for their dedication to the sport and the connection they have with their community. Every community in Costa Rica has some great athletes who deserve sponsorship, so we report their accomplishments on the website and in monthly articles published in Costa Rica and the United States. You can read them in our surf news section of the website.

About the Owner - Greg Gordon

Greg grew up surfing the East Coast of the United States. He's lived in New York, Virginia Beach, Cocoa Beach, and Miami Beach Florida, and so understands the value of having good, clean waves since they didn't come that often. He's also lived close to Swami's and Santa Cruz in California so he understands the value of having uncrowded waves and warm water. He made his first trip to Costa Rica in 1996, has lived there for more than 5 years and has made over 40 trips back and forth in between. He has surfed both coastlines extensively, planned hundreds of trips for clients and friends over the last 23 years, and has written surf travel articles for Surfline, The Inertia, and the Tico Times. When he is not surfing, writing, or helping clients, he is helping out at beach cleanups, playing guitar, and just enjoying and appreciating the natural beauty around him. Follow his adventures on Instagram - @crsurf

Read our interview for the Surfpreneurs, a group of like-minded surf related businesses focusing on improving products and services to surfers around the world.

CR Surf Travel Company has been featured as an ECO LEADER by 1% for the Planet. Check out what we did to earn that recognition HERE.

Check out our interview with Rich from SurfingNosara.com here:


and listen to the interview with Greg on the Get Out and Surf Podcast.

A few weeks ago we were interviewed for the Saltwater High podcast hosted by Wave Tribe Eco-Surf Product. You can listen. how I got started on the web site and my favorite spots in Costa Rica.

You can also listen to our podcast with World Nomads where I discuss how business has been during the Covid-19 pandemic and where I expect it to change in 2021.

Feel free to contact us at anytime...

By mail: 781 Deer Lake Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (our home office while we are traveling)
By phone: Toll Free in the US/Canada - 877-SURF-007 or Internationally: 001-321-890-5761
or through Facebook or Twitter

FROMMERS 2010 Travel Guide (p.106):
"If you're looking for an organized surf vacation ... check out www.crsurf.com."

LONELY PLANET - Central America on a Shoestring (p.630):
"Log on to www.crsurf.com for information, including tide charts and surf reports."

LONELY PLANET - Costa Rica (p.54):
"Surfers should .. log on to the Costa Rica Surf Report (www.crsurf.com) for everything you need to know before your trip."

HUNTER Travel Guide - Costa Rica (p.16):
"Check out www.crsurf.com for the latest updates."

~ Testimonials ~

  • Sarah E.
    My husband, Zach, and our two daughters ages 9 and 7, just recently returned from Costa Rica and had a great time thanks to Greg!! All details were arranged with confirmations, double checks, and follow-up from Greg. Smooth sailing from arrival to departure allowed us all the comfort to sit back and relax! Surfing lessons for the girls, zip-lines, shuttle transfers, and more all set up through Greg and CR Surf Travel. We never go to CR without calling Greg first!!
    Sarah E.
    from facebook reviews
  • Alejandro S.
    Hi all, my name is Alejandro and i am just back at home after 9 days in CR. The company was so great!, surpassing our expectations by providing an excellent vacation experience on all the location we visited (SJ, Tamarindo & Jaco beaches). No matter how much you love the ocean or think in surf on any level you might rate yourself, do not hesitate to use the company services and their experience to really enjoy the great nature of CR!
    Alejandro S.
    from facebook reviews
  • Courtney F.
    We just got back from a two week trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Greg was able to help us find the best price for a reliable vehicle rental, with all the bells and whistles. When we encountered some administrative issues with the rental company (not on Greg’s behalf) he was able to help us through the issues in a very timely manner. He also recommended one of the best sport fishing trips we’ve EVER been on! We caught giant Mahi Mahi, and the entire excursion made for a very memorable experience. I’d highly recommended Greg and CR Surf and Travel Company to anyone travelling within the area!
    Courtney F.
    from facebook reviews
  • Sean V.
    Greg has been coordinating most of our Costa logistics for us for years, and he’s always done well by us. He’s reliable and good to work with, and having access to his knowledge can make the difference in your trip. This year, we were down in his neck of the woods, and finally met face-to-face. He’s a good guy and was really helpful. He shared his knowledge of local breaks, including locations, what each did under different tide, size, swell direction, etc. conditions, and how to find and get to them. There aren’t many signs out there to point the way, and for a lot of them, you need to know to look for these trees, or that fence, etc. We even got in a little water time together this year, and he was nice to be around. So, as our experience goes, I’d not hesitate to recommend Greg to help facilitate your trip.
    Sean V.
    from facebook reviews
  • Kim S.
    I just came back from Costa Rica from a 2 week vacation with my family. Greg was great. He helped book all the hotels and my excursions for my family. From scuba diving. Zip lining. ATV tour to the water fall. Hot springs for relaxing after all our activities. We didn’t worry about our transportation. He booked it and all the drivers are awesome and full of information. I will be going back in the future. I will only have Greg book my future plans. Thinking of spending 6 months there a year when we retire. Thanks Greg!
    Kim S.
    from facebook reviews
  • Glenn G.
    I want to thank you for the all the help and great information you provided. Everything went great... Surf was fun, diving, fishing and river rafting, all are going to be something to remember. Car rental from, USave, went off without a hitch.
    Glenn G.
  • Pete F.
    Trip was epic, Everyone had tons of fun. Good surf too. We stayed at the best houses at Dominical and Pavones. Rental went well. Everything worked out perfectly.
    Pete F.
  • CFL Dave
    Everything went super smoothly. Adobe was great. No problems. Caught a very good swell at Pavones and Dominical was doing its thing when the swell dropped.
    CFL Dave
  • Lisa K.
    Loved It!! Thank you so much for setting up hotel and transport. Loved Kayasol, great town and the waves were perfect, right and left break and different heights. For me the perfect variety.
    Lisa K.
  • Parker F.
    All was great! We went to Hermosa (near Jaco) and caught a good swell. Both car rentals we had with Europcar went really good. The shuttle was at the airport when we arrived and got us going pretty quickly. No problems at all and look forward to using your help in future trips.
    Parker F.
  • Karri W.
    We had a great trip. Got pick-up at the Liberia airport and was shuttle to car rental facility. The process was very quick. We have a condo in Tamarindo. We've used you our last three trips and all has gone very well, can't beat your prices.
    Karri W.
  • Mark W.
    Everything with the car was PERFECT! Great value. Thanks so much. Will be visiting again in July so will be in touch! Thanks.
    Mark W.
  • Craig
    Everything went really well with the trip and the car. We did have to use the 4x4 on a few occasions so it was nice to have. We also met some other people who had paid 2x as much as us for car rental so I was happy to know we got a great deal.
  • Colin O.
    Everything went very well on the trip, we had a great time, car was perfect and the service excellent , the guy showed up right on time was very happy with everything, thanks a mil.
    Colin O.
  • Dustin
    Everything went smoothly with the return in Liberia. They also dropped us of at our next destination in Playa Del Coco, which saved us from taking the bus in the absurdling hot weather. Thanks for arranging the rental for us and responding so promptly.
  • Marc-Andre
    Thanks again. This trip was awesome and your help was incredible.
  • Surfers should .. log on to the Costa Rica Surf Report (www.crsurf.com) for everything you need to know before your trip.
    Costa Rica (p.54)
  • If you're looking for an organized surf vacation ... check out www.crsurf.com
    Frommer's 2010
    Travel Guide (p.106)

*** Past events that CRsurf has sponsored ***


Dominical Surf Contest to benefit the lifeguards