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Also Ross Cruden from has written a great travel guide for the area.

Here's a sample of the waves and lifestyle of Playa Guiones and Nosara, filmed by Graham Swindell from Nosara Shack

Getting There

To drive there over land from the airport it takes from 4.5 to 5 hours, most all of it on a paved road until the last 20 kilometers or so. You take the Highway towards Liberia and follow it about an hour past the Puntarenas interchange, where you start driving north. Look for the Tempisque Bridge (Puente de Amistad) signs and make a left at the gas station. Then drive the speed limit (either 80 kph or 60 kph), as there are a lot of cops in this area giving speeding tickets until about 10 kilometers past the bridge. From the bridge follow signs to Nicoya, another 30 km, and then on to Nosara. It is best to get to Nosara during the day, since at night the last section can be tricky and once you arrive in Playa Guiones you most likely will be looking for signs to your hotel, house rental, or surf camp.

Another option is to fly in to Liberia Airport and then you trip is only a two hour drive. Of course the quickest way is arrive is to fly from San Jose to Nosara on either Sansa or Nature Air, and then arrange a taxi for the final 10 minute ride. (Remember these airlines don't take boards over 7 feet) Send us a reservation request to find the best option.


With so many new developments in Playa Guiones, it is great that Rich Burnam is doing video interviews with locals and special guests to bring together the community. Check out his videos on YouTube.

Nosara may just be the world’s best place to learn to surf

CNN's top 11 places to go in 2014

Nosara is one National Geographic's Top 20 Surf Towns

NY Times names Nosara in Top 45 Places To Go

For up to date news and stories about the Guanacaste coast, especially Nosara, visit La Voz de Guanacaste

These are some of the best restaurants and shops in the area:

El Chivo Located in Playa Pelada, Nosara, El Chivo is a fun and funky Mexican Cantina & Restaurant. Visit to enjoy the open-air atmosphere with cozy vibes. Taco Tuesday is a Nosara classic, but every other day is just as nice.
Beach Dog - Step off the beach and walk a few steps to enjoy great food in a casual, laid back atmosphere. Enjoy their fresh and creative menu which has options for everyone (including vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free.) 

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Surf Spots

Playa Pelada is the beach about 1 km. north, look for the giant lookout tower on the Nosara Beach Hotel. The break in Nosara was called Olga's since you can see it breaking from the restaurant. It needs a big swell to work with a lot of West in it. The left goes for about 150 meters and it is rarely crowded, since it does not break that often. There is also a right that breaks only at high tide over a rock shelf.

Nosara is the town just inland and to the north of the beachbreak called Playa Guiones.  The beach is beginner friendly on the inside, but when it is on, can be double to triple overhead on the outside. It gets deep here and the bottom is sand so it is easy to get under the big ones. Best size is waist high peelers for longboarders to double overhead barrels for shortboards. Only the biggest sets close out and rides can go for 200 meters to the beach. The crowds seem to be worst between January and March, and in July. But this only on the main peak, and there are empty peaks up and down the coast. Best tide is mid to high tide.

Playa Garza is never crowded because there never seems to be a wave here. But at high tide there is a spot right on the dot that works when it is chest high or bigger. The rumor is that the north and south ends of the bay will fire when the swell is two feet overhead. It is about a 1/2 km. paddle out and it is guessed that low to mid tide works best.

Playa Samara is a great place for beginner surfers. The waves are small and break gently, with the swell mostly blocked by offshore rocks. At higher tide is best for the beachbreak, offering decent longboard waves when there is any swell. Waves form at the edges of the bay during lower tides, but the 1/2 km. paddle keeps most everyone away. It also needs a lot of south swell to break.

Surf Camps

Safari Surf School's Womens Retreat

Description: Ever consider joining an all girl surf vacation in a tropical paradise? Well... Safari Surf Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica is the ideal destination if you are looking for a high quality women’s surf program with all the luxury and pampering you need on vacation! This surf program is built by women, run by women, for women. Andrea Diaz (2 time Costa Rica National Champion) is your personal surf coach, mentor, and trainer for the week.
Certification: ISA certified surf instructors
Nosara 1-866-433-3355

Description: There is no fixed start and finish the surf school program, so you are free to arrange your trip to fit your schedule. We offer packages that include a variety of options - from local airport shuttle service or private charter flights, to your choice of lodging, meals, and multiple types of activities, such as massages, yoga, and horseback riding. Standard Packages are based on a 7day/7night stay with your choice of accommodations. There are 3 packages to choose from; Tortuga, Iguana or Zancudo. If your stay in Nosara will be for more than or less than 7 days or if you have multiple people in your party; then a custom package is perfect for you. Get completely pampered on their vacations with the ultimate vacation package called the Luxury "Pura Vida" Package.
Certification: ISA certified
Nosara 2682-0573

Coconut Harrys Surf School

Certification: ISA certified
Nosara 2682-0574

Del Mar Surf Camp

Certification: CPR, Water Rescue, First Aid, ISA
Nosara 2682-1433

Agua Tibia Surf School

Certification: n/a
Nosara (506) 8751-1745

Nosara Tico Surf School

Certification: ISA & RLSS certified
Nosara (506) 2682-4076

Cacho's Surf School

Certification: ISA certified
Nosara 8311-4937

Corky Carrolls Surf School

Certification: NSSIA certified
Nosara 888-454-7873

Surf Simply

Certification: CPR, ISA certified
Nosara 646-233-3139

Surfguys Costa Rica Adventures

Certification: n/a
Nosara 321-956-3268

Baja Surf Adventures

Certification: n/a
Nosara 800-428-7873

Nosara Surf Academy

Certification: n/a
Nosara 2682-5082

Surf Bikini Retreat

Certification: n/a
Nosara (506) 8828-0826

Burnt Toast Surf Camp

Certification: n/a
Nosara 8306-5478

C & C Surf School

Certification: ISA certified
Samara 2656-0658

Popo's Surf Camp

Certification: n/a
Camaronal 2656-0086


Use the map above to book directly or contact us to help you plan a customized trip.

Description: The newest, most eco-friendly hotel in Playa Guiones, with LEED Platinum certification for building design and sustainability practices. Experience luxury only a few steps from the best spot to surf. 

Playa Guiones 011-506-2682-0608 Reserve Now!  $135+

Description: Tucked away in the astounding beauty of the jungle, just footsteps to the sand and one of the world’s most beautiful and uncrowded beaches, Harbor Reef is the essence of “pura vida,” surpassing anything you can imagine in a vacation al paraiso; at a surprisingly reasonable price. The peninsula’s first dedicated surfing resort, Harbor Reef remains the premier choice for those seeking what the Natural Geographic Adventurer declared one of the world’s Top 20 surf locations. The surf of Playa Guiones offers a challenge for the seasoned and opportunity for the beginner. And between the early morning and late afternoon sets, take advantage of attractions ranging from the rush of a canopy-top zip line to a lazy kayak paddle up the Nosara River. You’ll discover something new about yourself. Harbor Reef Surf Resort has it all, featuring a pool-side restaurant renowned for local fare from farm and sea, a roof-top smoothie bar and full concierge service to take you to remarkable local attractions.

Playa Guiones 011-506-2682-1000 $75-285

Casa Romantica

Playa Guiones 2682-0272 $60+

The Harmony Hotel

Playa Guiones 2682-4114 $135+

Villas Las Tecas

Playa Pelada 506-2682-0240 $59-99

Tico Adventure Lodge

Playa Samara 2656-0628 $20+

Hotel Villas Playa Samara