Costa Rica Surf Report and Forecast for August 2009
Costa Rica Surf Report and Forecast october 2009
By: Greg Gordon –


Caribbean Coast – September it gets rainy and very inconsistent. Tropical systems generally head north, not west, and so any fetch is heading in the wrong direction. On the good side, it’s very inexpensive to eat and stay comfortably, it’s not crowded, and when the occasional short period swell shows up, you have a number of reefs and sand bars to choose from.

Pacific Coast – This month is tricky since many breaks are tide dependent – meaning it could be chest high at near low tide and a foot overhead at an hour before high tide. Add to it the increased chance of the wind coming on shore early. You have to know where to go to get the goods and find the break that doesn’t have 30 surfers on it. (that’s where we can help you plan your trip..)

Full moon – September 4th   New Moon – September 18

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Girls Only Surf Camp? We can help you choose from a dozen options in Costa Rica which cater to every variety of chica. Whether it’s a mom and daughter bonding trip, an all inclusive experience with nothing to plan but eat, surf, spa, stretch, and sleep, OR a strategic strike to find the best waves with minimal crowds and a jungle backdrop – just tell us when you want to go!

Private All Inclusive tours on board a 48’ yacht. Spaces are still available for $300 per person per day and that gets you everything – food, drinks, board rental, and the best boat trip of your life. Mention CRSURF and you can surf for only $1000 pp for a whole week if you bring at least two friends.

David McNeil is offering to take photos of you surfing while visiting Jaco and Playa Hermosa. He charges from $40 pp for a two hour session and also can help arrange boat trips to lesser known point breaks in that area.

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Just in case you didn’t hear, the biggest surf contest ever held in Central America took place in Playa Hermosa last month, from the 1st to the 8th of August. Thirty five different countries came to compete and over 30,000 people were on the beach to see the finals and award ceremony. (You could walk to Jaco from Terrazas more quickly than driving – the traffic was that bad). The  U.S. team won, and Jeremy Flores from France won the Mens, with Cory Lopez second. Courtney Conlogue from the U.S. took 1st for the women, and Sage Erickson helped the U.S. with a 3rd place showing. In Longboard, Antoine Delpero from France won, with Tony Silvagni from the U.S. getting fourth. Our local longboarder – Raul Gonzalez – represented Puerto Rico well. The Costa Rica team placed a very respectable 7th, with Jason Torres reaching 7th place and Carlos Munoz earning 13th.

To find the next generation of surf talent on the Caribbean Coast, the Puerto Viejo Open took place a week later. Jordan Hernandez took home two new surfboards and $300 for winning both the Open division and the Airshow. There are about a dozen super talented surfers in the community who would excel on the national surf circuit, and just don’t have the sponsors. CRSURF recently donated $100 to Jefferson Tacson from Jaco to help with contest entry fees. If you want to help, send a note to

The next BIG contest is the Central American Surf Championship – September 25-27, at Playa El Sunzal, La Libertad, El Salvador.


CRSURF set a booth at the contest site of the World Surfing Games to promote their methods of helping out. The first thing beach goers saw were the t-shirts made from half recycled plastic and half recycled cotton. Then they noticed the beach bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Also at the front were brochures that described the efforts to stop the tuna farms planned for Punta Banco, only a mile from Pavones. A petition was written up to oppose the farms and by the end of the week we had 285 signatures.

If you want to help the communities of Pavones and Punta Banco stop the construction of eight experimental yellow fin tuna cages, then use this link set up by PRETOMA and sign the petition.
The group, Project AWARE, will host a International Coastal Cleanup Day 2009: September 19th, 9 a.m.-noon, Diving Safaris, Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, 2672-1259. For more info, email:

The road from Quepos to Dominical is almost done! It’s paved past Matapalo, and the rest is well grated. Still go slow because monkeys and coati still cross the road.

Sadly, the lifeguard program in Dominical has run out of funding and now there are no lifeguards to protect swimmers and surfers. If you wish to help, visit –


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