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Complete sus datos y requerimientos de viaje, para ayudarle a planificar sus vacaciones en Costa Rica. Le contactaremos en no más de 24 horas con una propuesta. Los campos marcados con "*" son requeridos.

Step 1: ¿Cuándo planea hacer su viaje?

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Step 3: Arreglos de vuelo

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Step 4: Transporte terrestre

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Puede seleccionar más de una.. (agregue requrimientos específicos en el paso #9)

Aire Vuelo doméstico Nature Air/SansaCharter aéreo privado
Tierra Carro / 4x4 / MicrobusVehículo privado con choferViaje compartido Interbus / GraylineTransporte de Autobús
Mar Bote en Charter Privado - pesca o surfingBote Taxi

Step 5: Hotel o alojamientos

¿Tiene dónde quedarse? No
¿Qué tipo de comodidades prefiere?
¿Necesita aire acondicionado en la habitación?No

** Si tiene algun lugar en mente, por favor inclúyalo en el paso #9 y le encontraremos el mejor precio disponible.

Step 6: Tours / Actividades

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Step 7: ¿Si planea ir a surfear, por favor incluir:

¿Cuál es tu nivel de surf?
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¿Qué tamaño de olas espera correr?
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Step 9: Requerimientos específicos

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Step 10: Lo último...

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  • Surfers should .. log on to the Costa Rica Surf Report ( for everything you need to know before your trip.
    Costa Rica (p.54)
  • Lisa K.
    Loved It!! Thank you so much for setting up hotel and transport. Loved Kayasol, great town and the waves were perfect, right and left break and different heights. For me the perfect variety.
    Lisa K.
  • Sean V.
    Greg has been coordinating most of our Costa logistics for us for years, and he’s always done well by us. He’s reliable and good to work with, and having access to his knowledge can make the difference in your trip. This year, we were down in his neck of the woods, and finally met face-to-face. He’s a good guy and was really helpful. He shared his knowledge of local breaks, including locations, what each did under different tide, size, swell direction, etc. conditions, and how to find and get to them. There aren’t many signs out there to point the way, and for a lot of them, you need to know to look for these trees, or that fence, etc. We even got in a little water time together this year, and he was nice to be around. So, as our experience goes, I’d not hesitate to recommend Greg to help facilitate your trip.
    Sean V.
    from facebook reviews
  • Courtney F.
    We just got back from a two week trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Greg was able to help us find the best price for a reliable vehicle rental, with all the bells and whistles. When we encountered some administrative issues with the rental company (not on Greg’s behalf) he was able to help us through the issues in a very timely manner. He also recommended one of the best sport fishing trips we’ve EVER been on! We caught giant Mahi Mahi, and the entire excursion made for a very memorable experience. I’d highly recommended Greg and CR Surf and Travel Company to anyone travelling within the area!
    Courtney F.
    from facebook reviews
  • Alejandro S.
    Hi all, my name is Alejandro and i am just back at home after 9 days in CR. The company was so great!, surpassing our expectations by providing an excellent vacation experience on all the location we visited (SJ, Tamarindo & Jaco beaches). No matter how much you love the ocean or think in surf on any level you might rate yourself, do not hesitate to use the company services and their experience to really enjoy the great nature of CR!
    Alejandro S.
    from facebook reviews
  • Sarah E.
    My husband, Zach, and our two daughters ages 9 and 7, just recently returned from Costa Rica and had a great time thanks to Greg!! All details were arranged with confirmations, double checks, and follow-up from Greg. Smooth sailing from arrival to departure allowed us all the comfort to sit back and relax! Surfing lessons for the girls, zip-lines, shuttle transfers, and more all set up through Greg and CR Surf Travel. We never go to CR without calling Greg first!!
    Sarah E.
    from facebook reviews