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Playa Hermosa Selected as First World Surfing Reserve in Central America

Today marked the day when Playa Hermosa de Garabito, Costa Rica was […]

Three Surfers from Costa Rica Qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo

Let’s do the math. There are 7.6 billion people on the planet […]

This is the List of Costa Rican Surfers Selected to Compete for the Final Spots to Go to Tokyo

Written by: translated from Spanish The Technical Commission of the Surfing […]

Costa Rica Kids Surfing Day and Beach Cleanup in Dominicalito

On Saturday November 21st, the community from Dominical helped teach over 20 […]

Costa Rica Surfer Paulina Summers Interview

En espanol abajo por Federacion de Surf CR Paulina Summers: “I’m positive […]

The 8 Best Surfing Podcasts You Need to Know About

by Katherine Rundell Podcasts are everything these days, and it’s one of […]

Some Costa Rica Beaches to Stay Open All Day for Surfing

(Updated 6/15/20) Starting June 1st, some of the beaches in Costa Rica […]

Noe Mar McGonagle and Paulina Summers win the Almonds & Corals Cup in Playa Cocles

Español abajo por Carlos Brenes – The locals from Pavones de […]

Scotiabank National Contest in Puerto Viejo will Run on Waves of 5 to 6 Feet

by Carlos Brenes of The ‘forecast’ (online wave prediction) for the […]

Costa Rican Surf Federation presents the SUP 2020 Racing Circuit

by Carlos Enrique Brenes – It is a pleasure for the […]

Oscar Urbina Wins the Open Division of Inaugural Surf Contest in Dominical

espanol abajo por Carlos Brenes – The national junior team champion […]

Dominical Opens this Weekend – Season 20 of the Scotiabank National Circuit

español abajo por Carlos Brenes – The 2000 – 2001 season […]

There will be SCOTIABANK National Circuit for the Next Three Years

Spanish below by Carlos Brenes – The prestigious private bank in […]

Brisa One Step Closer to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – The Costa Rican originally […]

My Theory on Waves and the Moon when it Comes to Surfing Beach Breaks

Many people would think that surfers worship the sun, but in fact […]

Remada Rosa 2019 Seeks to Raise Awareness about Cancer Prevention

Espanol abajo por Carlos Brenes – With the aim of delivering […]

Costa Rica Finishes 8th out of 55 countries in the ISA Surfing Games in Japan

En español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – A few hours […]

Leilani and Brisa solid at the start of the World Cup

Español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – The only two participants […]

Costa Rica meets its first rivals for the ISA World Cup starting at dawn in Japan

Espanol abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – In the early hours […]

It’s Official: October 19th will be the first National Surf Day in Costa Rica

Espanol abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – Unanimously, the third commission […]

Costa Rican Team Selected for the ISA World Cup in Japan

Español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – Once the team process […]

Noe Mar McGonagle and Rubiana Brownell win The Monster Grand Final in Playa Hermosa

by Carlos Enrique Brenes ( – Espanol abajo The two riders for […]

A National Record: Jair Pérez is the new National Surf Champion for 2019!

En español abajo Por Carlos Enrique Brenes – After his last […]

Malakai Martínez is the new Guanacaste Surfing Champion

Espanol abajo Por Carlos Enrique Brenes On a day of unforgettable waves, […]

Portuguese Afonso Antunes and American Caitlyn Simmers champions of Rip Curl GromSearch

Spanish below by Carlos Enrique Brenes – Playa Hermosa did not […]

The Best Under-16 Surfers on the Planet Surfed at the ‘National Stadium’ today

(espanol abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – Officially, the first international […]

Carlos Munoz wins the 8th Annual Semana Santa Classic in Dominical

VIEW the full gallery from both days here – LINK Every Easter […]

Jair Pérez wins the Reef Classic in Santa Teresa

En español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes The leader of the National […]

Leo Calvo wins the Surfing Republic Pro in Playa Guiones

Previous National Champion of the sub 12, sub 14, sub 16 and […]

Gilbert Brown Lopez and Paulina Summers take Double Victories in the Marley Cup

At 37 years old, 4 times National Surf Champion Gilbert Brown Lopez […]

Official Surf Forecast for the Envision Festival

Expect mostly waist to chest high waves with an occasional head high […]

Jair Perez and Leilani McGonagle Start the 2019 CNS Season with Victories

Español abajo por Carlos Enrique Brenes – www.fedesurfcr.comphoto: Leilani McGonagle by Alfredo […]

Campeón Anthony Fillingim prendió hoy la ENVISION Surf Cup

por: Carlos Enrique Brenes – El mejor Open de 2018, tanto […]

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Costa Rica wins Copper among the nations, Gold and Bronze in women and Silver in men in the Pan American Games.

By Lois Solano. Brisa Hennessy premiered at the Costa Rica National Team […]

Costa Rica is sending its ‘A’ Team to the Pan-American Surfing Games

The national team coach, Jim Hogan, announced the top Costa Rican surf […]

Brisa Hennessy classifies for the 2019 WCT for Costa Rica

(en español abajo) The most important historical fact for Costa Rica in […]

Costa Rica Finishes the Vissla ISA Jrs. in 13th Place

Espanol abajo Time has finished on the ISA (International Surfing Association) World […]

Leilani McGonagle Takes Second in Chile

Leilani McGonagle is working hard to secure a place on the World […]

Malakai, Eva and Aldo enter the top 16 finalists in California

(español abajo) The third stop on the ISA World Juniors is running […]

11 Beginner Surf Spots in Costa Rica

After making about 50 trips over the last 22 years, I put […]

Top Surf Spots & Beautiful Beaches

Costa Rica Surfing Overview – Written for the Tico Times Travel Guide

Over 100,000 surfers come from around the world each year to enjoy […]