Carlos Munoz wins the 8th Annual Semana Santa Classic in Dominical

Jair Pérez wins the Reef Classic in Santa Teresa
The Best Under-16 Surfers on the Planet Surfed at the ‘National Stadium’ today

VIEW the full gallery from both days here – LINK

Every Easter weekend has waves in Dominical, and this year’s Semana Santa Classic did not disappoint. The surf was overhead and the winds stayed light all morning, allowing the competitors to really show off their skills. Through sponsorships and entry fees they raised $2100 to help the Costa Ballena Lifeguards out (which include Dominical and Playa Hermosa). These guards work overtime all Easter week to protect the thousands of tourists that come from inland towns like San Isidro and internationally.

Justin Hague, the lead organizer of the event explains its importance – “It’s a big event for the local surf scene but also attracts some of the best surfers in the country. The cash prize of $1000 in the Open Category makes it a big attraction.  We always want to honor and help the lifeguards as Semana Santa is probably there busiest week of the year for the dangerous job they have. There will be lots of great music and amazing food throughout the event.”

The contest would not be possible without the generous support from the community. If you run a local business and want to support this event or sponsor a local surfer who might not otherwise have a chance to participate, then email Justin at

Official Results in order:


Carlos Muñoz
Maykol Torres
Aaron Ramirez
Jordy Mendez


Ethan Hollander
Jossue Venegas
Spencer Thomas
Jorge Gonzalez


Darshan Anteguiera
Abraham Healer
Ethan Hollander
Aaron Ramirez


Kian Ashara
Ethan Hollander
Will Grant


Gabrielle Guyon
Elena Vargas
Jenny Hinds
Natalie Giacomni
Tara Tiedemans


Greg Gordon
Ian Douglas
Gene Harris
Jenny Hinds

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