Costa Rica is sending its ‘A’ Team to the Pan-American Surfing Games

Brisa Hennessy WCT Pro surfer
Brisa Hennessy classifies for the 2019 WCT for Costa Rica
Costa Rica wins Copper among the nations, Gold and Bronze in women and Silver in men in the Pan American Games.

The national team coach, Jim Hogan, announced the top Costa Rican surf and stand up paddling competitors to be part of the team that will fight for the medals in the Pan American Surfing Games that will be held in Peru, from December 2nd to the 9th.

The stellar team is made up of the following:

Women’s Open
Leilani McGonagle
Eva Woodland
Brisa Hennessy
Julisa Matamoros

Open Male
Carlos Muñoz
Noe Mar McGonagle
Tomas King
Anthony Fillingim

Valeria Salustri
Michelle Fuentes

Marcel Oliveira
Alvaro Solano

SUP Surfing Male
Alvaro Solano
Marcel Oliveira

Male Longboard
Dorian Torres
Anthony Flores

The total number of competitors that will compete on the wave of Punta Rocas, in Lima Peru, is 20; however, Hogan did not announce who are the possible selected that repeat division in the Longboard and the SUP SURF Femenino categories.

Thus, the total number of athletes that Costa Rica will travel is 14, plus three delegates, the coach Hogan and the Chief of Judges in the National Circuit, Oscar Corrales de Limón who received the call for the organization to occupy a position in the Judgment line of the event.

With this team, Costa Rica intends to fight for first places in a competition that brings together the best of the continent and where the qualification for the Pan American Games of Lima 2019 begins.

“I’m very motivated and happy to be part of the National Team, and I see we have a premier team. Personally, I am grateful to Jim and the federation for the call to represent the country that I always do with great enthusiasm. With this team we have to win these games, so we will go with everything, “said Carlos Muñoz.

In this contest, none of the teams has saved anything. They already knew the selections from Peru, Argentina and Mexico, to mention some, that armed themselves to the teeth to face this championship.

In this Pan-American Surfing, also begins the fight of posts for the 2019 event that will include all disciplines and place where two direct spots for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 will be fought.

At the moment, the athlete for Costa Rica who has one foot in the Olympics, is Brisa Hennessy. With the recent classification of the woman from Matapalo de Osa to the WCT (World Championship Tour), less than two weeks ago, her direct pass will be confirmed in a few months.

That is to say, Brisa goes to the Pan-American Games in order to collaborate so that more Costa Ricans can reach the Olympic Games. Everything will depend now on the team work ticos do in the four qualifying events that remain for Tokyo:

Pan American Games: 2018 and 2019
ISA World Cups: 2019 and 2020

The maximum number of places per country for Tokyo is four: two women and two men.

“We want to thank each of our athletes who will attend. The commitment that the National Surfing Team acquires now in this Olympic route is very important, hence the best of the country have signed up to represent Costa Rica as the fans want to see them: leaving everything in the water, “he said. Randall Chaves, President of the Federation.

The Punta Roca’s wave brings good memories to the Costa Rican team. In 2014 on that “right point” was when the team won its first two major world medals.

Anthony Fillingim brought the silver in the Open, while Costa Rica rose as a team to the podium for the first time after the copper between the 22 teams that attended.

The Costa Rican team will arrive four days before the start of the championship that will take a week to finish.

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