Costa Rica wins Copper among the nations, Gold and Bronze in women and Silver in men in the Pan American Games.
Envision Wave Brigade Anthony Fillingim
Campeón Anthony Fillingim prendió hoy la ENVISION Surf Cup

Surfer Gavin Bren making the most out of a photo op - photo: Tony at Via de Agua

Feature photo by Tony at Via de Agua


Pro big wave surfers Nic Von Rupp from Portugal comes to Costa Rica to surf Witchs Rock on YouTube.

More Zalty Boyz action on the Caribbean. Check them surfing Playa Cocles on YouTube.

This is some of the heaviest paddle in big wave surfing I have seen in my life, Nathan Florence at Peahi on Youtube.

Swell of the Century in Nazare coming! Day 1 – Von Froth Ep 16 – Big wave rider Nick Van Rupp shows us his home town and tackles a few 50′ waves.

One of the ‘coolest’ new surf lifestyle vids out – UNNUR – by photo wizard Chris Burkard

The Shark Guardians of Cocos Island, created by Fins Attached on YouTube

Kelly Slater Interviewing astronaut Christina Koch on board the International Space Station

Check out the Zalty Boyz surfing Isla Uvita in their newest YouTube release.

Our favorite Pavones wahine ripper, Leilani McGonagle, laying down some snaps at her home break on YouTube.

Anthony Fillingim from Santa Teresa has been enjoying some epic peak in the Mentawais. Here is a clip from his rights at Bank Vaults on YouTube. And his amazing left at Kandui Resort.

Check out the Costa Rica Surfing Documentary – SEEKING SWELLS – on YouTube

CEPIA Costa Rica has helped distribute food to over 1600 families in May. Watch their video and donate to their efforts.

You can now watch the full version of the movie – PANDEMIA – featuring the hottest surfers in Central America on YouTube

Cedric McCracken and friends are back, downhill skating and surfing Playa Cocles in the second Zalty Boyz Vlog on YouTube.

Here is the story behind the making of The Bodhi Cookbook on YouTube. You can download their book  here.

Tamarindo One Month After the Coronavirus Lockdown – shared by Witchs Rock Surf Camp

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, they have dedicated ourselves over the course of our 10-year history to a cause that is very near and dear to their hearts: environmental awareness and conservation. They are a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet, and are always looking for ways to do business better, differently, and use their company as a force for good. Check out their Ocean Guardians video on YouTube.

If you are looking to stay in shape while stuck at home check out this full body workout by Hawaiian Ace surfer, Koa Rothman.

This is one of my favorite folk singers and song writers of all time – Mr. John Prine – Live on You Tube. He is in critical condition from the coronavirus so let’s all pray for his recovery.

Watch how this BLIND SURFER still catches waves. It shows to never give up on what you love. 

Do you want to surf like a champion? Watch Paulina Summer’s training video – she just won the Womens Division on the National Surf Circuit.

Surfing Costa Rica – Pavones Fresh con Leon Glatzer y Dennis Picado by Surfing Republica on YouTube

Check out this interview with surfer/shaper/legend of Tamarindo – MARCO PACHECO – by Tony Roberts on his YouTube channel – Real Surf Stories

This video of Oscar Urbina surfing Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo should get you excited about surfing on the Caribbean coast.

The BEST Surfing Clips of 2019 by Surfer Magazine on YouTube

The reggae artist BUSY SIGNAL is coming to the Frat House in San Jose on December 30th. Here’s a favorite song to wind up your waist on YouTube.

THE SIMPSONS IN Costa Rica! Watch the full episode here on Facebook.

Shaka Media in Tamarindo presents Dry Season surf conditions in Playa Grande on YouTube.

Diaz Carvs is one of the newest surf photographers out there, covering the hottest surfers in Costa Rica. Check out this clip of Carlos Munoz in Stealthy Sessions III on YouTube.

To get better at surfing, sometimes you just have to watch what the best surfers do. Here is Mick Fanning’s Search For The Premier Epoxy Surfboard | Stab In The Dark – on YouTube.

Follow the adventures of Matt and Amie as they drive from California to Costa Rica. This YouTube video shows their time in Costa Rica, surfing Dominical, Matapalo, and Pavones. 

Jack Johnson and The Cigarette Surfboard. Find out how it rode in this YouTube video.

Brisa Hennessy showing why she is qualified to represent Costa Rica in the 2020 Olympics. This is her quarterfinal heat against 3x world champ Carissa Moore in Bali on YouTube

Watch Tomas King from Tamarindo score pristine Cloud 9 in the Philippines while competing in the Siargao Pro WQS event on YouTube.

This is my new favorite surf movie of all time! DONE by John John Florence on YouTube

If you are a female solo traveler (or just love a good adventure) check out this insightful video from travel blogger Jolie Janine on YouTube. It describes her first trip to Costa Rica, going by herself to Santa Teresa.

Congrats to Malakai Martinez for winning his first WQS Jr. event in Portugal. Here is his mini clip “Easy” on Youtube.

Salty Fit created by Surfing Republica continues its excellent coverage of Costa Rica’s beaches with an episode on Playa Jaco on YouTube

If you want to know what the surf is like in Manuel Antonio, check out this well produced Salt Fit video by Surfing Republica on YouTube.

Check out the latest clip of Salty Fit – Episode 3 – by Surfing Republica on YouTube.

Watch our video interview with Rich Burnam from Surfing Nosara on YouTube. I talk about my favorite waves in Costa Rica and the environmental issues affecting them.

The community of Siargao, Philippines, is facing many of the same growth issues as many surf towns in Costa Rica. Watch how they deal with it in this Off the Grid video on YouTube.

If you want to surf big waves, you have to do a big wave workout shown by big wave rider Koa Rothman on YouTube.

Matt Wilkinson and Leilani McGonagle (from Pavones) Explore the Great Ocean Road on YouTube.

Watch this interview of Jack Johnson by Occy from Billabong on YouTube.

Check out Costa Rica’s Brisa Hennessy rip on one of the best waves on the planet – Keramas in Bali – on YouTube

Want to see gigantic Puerto Escondido hosted by Tony Roberts? Check out Real Surf Stories on YouTube

“Vamos pa la playa, acurarte su alma, cierra la pantalla, abre su medalla”… Calma de Pedro Capo en YouTube

Ian Bean, Brad Hersch, Christian Boos, Brad Ellen, Sam August and Josymar Fuentes enjoying a beautiful December day in Costa Rica. YouTube video: @tonyrobertsphoto

Six Minutes of the Best Rides from Tropical Cyclone Oma, from Surfer Mag on YouTube

The best wave clips of 2018 as chosen by Surfer Magazine. The last one of Skeleton Bay is insane!

Surfing Republica – Costa Rica Surf Team in the 2018 Panamerican Games – Episode 1

The latest surf report video from Cheech on Beach in Playa Hermosa (January 21, 2019). Watch it on YouTube.

Intermission – Four young surfers retreat to Costa Rica. Starring Luke Davis, Dylan Goodale, Michael Dunphy, and Brendon Gibbens on YouTube.

Check out the videos on surf instruction presented by Safari Surf School

Maybe you are getting HOT and need to find a way to cool down? Watch this video of Leon Glatzer surfing in the Arctic!

Seal Playing with Surfer

12/22 – SURFER Awards illustration. Guess: Name that Surfer (hint: the hands are a dead giveaway). Video: @joepeaseClick image below to go to read everyone elses guesses.

John John Florence's life on the road in 2017

Video FAV: If you want to see how good it gets in Playa Hermosa during the summer, check out the clips from Cheech on the Beech on YouTube.

the wedge in california

whales and dolfins

party wave

Surf Dog

Amp Session


Kid Surfing on Plywood

Video of the Week: Under the Influence

sierra kerr video of the week on

sierra kerr video of the week on

Dingo Morrison surfing

Surfing at Night

Michael Peterson by Andy Davis Designs

The beautiful work of Andy Davis Designs. Inspired by Michael Peterson’s segment in “The Morning of the Earth.” To see more of Andy’s work go here.

Watch the below video by clicking here.


Matt Meola lands the Spindle-540

There’s empty wave videos and then there’s this. Nolan Omura’s motion reel takes daydreaming to the next level. (click on image below to watch.)

Diego Santos got some mind-bending barrels on Oahu. Watch here

This grom rips!
Check out 1 minute compliation on the next rising female surf competitor. Watch Now

5 year old surfer who rips, Skai Suitt

ISA 2017 World Games Official Promo Video – Watch it

logoAerials so unbelievable, you have to Watch the Video to believe it!

Video clip

This 6-Year-Old Snowboards, Skates, and Surfs Like We All Wish We Could. Watch Video

Niccolo Porcella Wipeout of the Year Teahupoo, HI

Ain’t No Wave Pool! – Mick Fanning “On the Search” by Rip Curl – What if I told you there was an unknown sand-bottom right that is five kilometres long, breaks 20 metres off the beach, holds six foot of swell and has only been surfed by four people on the entire planet? Watch Now

Mike Fanning Video 2017

New Way to Ride Waves: Introducing the SUMO SUIT. Watch now

Ride a wave in the new Sumo Suit

Published on Jan 30, 2017
One year; 10 episodes; Endless stoke.

We are adrenaline junkies, nature lovers and action sports enthusiasts forever addicted to getting stoked. From the blue water of Puerto Rico to the frozen mountains of Colorado… A new adventure begins.

This new episode Surfing Costa Rica and it captures the Pura Vida of this amazing country!

NPI Productions Newest Video on Costa Rica Trip

Last August video of Costa Rica’s Coral Wiggins 15 year old Tica surfing Avellanas and Little Hawaii. Watch here

1/16 – Leon Glatzer from Pavones recently scored a perfect 10 during the Europen Pro Junior circuit.


When Mick FanningKelly Slater, and John John Florence met at Pipe.

Pro Surfers Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater and John Florence surfing pipe together video.

Lucy Pet k-9 Wave Surfing Dogs – Rose Bowl Parade. Watch here

The 2016 Award for Best Maneuver goes to Albee Layer for his historic aerial PLUS compilations of other rad maneuvers. Watch on Youtube

12/2016 – Dawn Patrol: John Florence and Gabriel Medina Break Down Pipe – It’s another lay day at the Billabong Pipe Masters. In a special segment, 2014 World Champ Gabriel Medina and 2016 Champ John Florence break down the challenges and triumphs of the break. Plus, Pete Mel shares the Surfline forecast to preview when competition might kick off, and Ross Williams shares his Fantasy picks and strategy.


Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica and Archie Carr’s Legacy. Discover more

Vans World Championship: Noe Mar moves to Round 3 – Costa Rica is still in it as of Dec 3. Carlos will not be advancing from Round 2 unfortunately. Check out Noe Mar in Round 2 that got him into the next level of the championship.

Big Wave Surfers: This is INSANE – Watch here

big wave surfers

The Pe’ahi (Jaws) Challenge is ON for this Friday, November 11th at 7am HST (9am PT, 3pm BRST, 4am AEDT, 5pm GMT). Watch Now

Check out this NEW 2016 Halloween Surfing Video..Hilarious.

Halloween Surfing 2016

Trampoline surfing, Sure why not: Watch it

7-Year-Old Phenom ‘Flying Squirrel’ Takes Surfing World by Storm. Watch it on Youtube

biggest wave ever surfed

Biggest Waves Ever Surfed – Nazare 2016- Compilation of the Biggest waves ever surfed at Nazare Portugal. The waves at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, are famed for being among the largest in the world. Watch more

Be part of the action –> Surfing Tahiti in 360° video. Watch more

ENDEMIK“, this is the last production in video of Carlos Munoz.
Don’t miss it. A production of Gallo Pinto TV. Watch here

Surfing Costa Rica || “Monkey Wrench” – Last month the NPI Productions crew set off to Costa Rica with professional surfers Logan Hayes and Corey Howell to shoot a new full feature surf video for Ron Jon Surf Shop. The boys scored pumping surf at the second longest left in the world and crystal blue barrels at an epic secluded beach break in the northern part of the country. Watch video here

Carlos Muñoz Cali representing Costa Rica in Europe this week. Watch more (Spanish)

Watch the new surfing talent in Costa Rica: Coral Wiggins. 15 years of age.

This fun video is a compilation of ISA World Surfing Games 2016. Watch now

Jacó surfboard artist’s work dazzles above the lip. Watch here

surf board artists

8/6 – Free Surf Day 2 – 2016 INS ISA World Surfing Games. Watch here

Brisa Hennessy is an up and coming surf star from Costa Rica who was basically ocean bread – her father is a fisherman and a surf instructor. Follow her surf career as she shreds her way to the top! Watch her here

Latest Video of Costa Rica’s 2016 National Champ Anthony Filling by the talented Taylar Munn. Watch here

A perfect 10 by Ryan Carlson at the first ‪#‎huckandhack‬ surf contest in Playa Hermosa,
July 21 216. Watch here

Huck and Hack Video

Vote for Malakai Martinez and Leilani McGonagle to represent Costa Rica in the Quiksilver Young Guns contest – Vote here  – Watch the Below Video Here:

Surfing Costa Rica – Pavones Fresh con Leon Glatzer, Dennis Picado, Gilbert Brown, Noe Mar McGonagle Watch now

Check out the video to get the results of Robby and Red Bulls search for the Longest Wave:

Pavones, Costa Rica - Longest Wave

Support the ISA Scholarship Program helping kids from around the world go to school. Its a great cause and so far has helped many impoverished children. Watch below.

See how they are helping kids around the world

The 12 times National Champion, Lisbeth Vindas Diaz in this 2016 Account 7 years of being a brand ambassador for Adrenaline Rush CR. See video below

Lisbeth Vindas Diaz

Fiji Pro | June 5 – 17 – Epic — with Kelly SlaterWatch here

Belgium surfer Dean Vandewalle makes it 5 out 5 wins to win 2016 title in his division in Costa Rica and Anthony Fillingim takes another win making it one step closer to his goal of Open Champ 2016. Check out this little mix up of their competition antics.

Title Chasers from Pro Surf Coach on Vimeo.

Cool Drone Video of Nesting Sea Turtle in Guanacaste, Costa Rica Watch

Final Day – 2016 Rip Curl GromSearch International Final:


Kelly Slater invitó a Carissa Moore, a Kanoa Igarashi y a Nat Young a surfear por primera vez el Kelly Slater Wave Company. Watch here

Bike Surfing on Water – Watch Here


Costa Rica: Sustainable Solutions – Imagine communities & land-owners being paid by the government to protect their forests & natural resources? Costa Rica is the only tropical country in the world that has reversed the process of deforestation through a unique fuel tax law that impresses the importance of protecting the environment & helping develop communities. Watch Trailer

New invention by Hobie is a very different kind of Stand Up Paddle Board which is propelled by Stair Stepping. They call it the Mirage Eclipse – this looks like a lot of fun: Watch Here

Compilation of Costa Rica’s Dream Team throughout the years titled “ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2016
Watch here

Sam Piter, El Niño In Costa Rica -Yep, it’s another 12-year old who surfs much better than you, on holiday in Central America Watch here

Big Waves And Heavy Barrels In Hawaii – Welcome To Water (Episode 1) Watch here

Surfline captured Costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz at Pipeline Feb 14, 2016 – Watch here

Cool video of a surf board being designed and shaped. Watch now

Mick Corbett death slab
: When Perth’s Mick Corbett went to catch the mammoth wave, which won him top prize at this year’s 2016 Big Wave Awards, his tow-in partner warned him that it was just too huge and to “not even look at it”. Watch Now

Noe Mar McGonagle’s 3rd Annual Pavone’s Grom Camp was a great success. Watch video

New Popular Episodio 2 Bikinis n Surfing with Pro Surfistas de Costa Rica by Surfing Republica Watch on YouTube

This is Sad and Funny at the same time: People were asked, “Which Island is Bigger Hawaii or Costa Rica” – Enjoy the spectacle. Watch Here

THIS IS WHAT A PERFECT 10 LOOKS LIKE: Compilation video of all the different surfers who rode a wave, during one of World Surf League‘s surf contests in 2015, and scored a PERFECT 10 ..there were 22 last year! Watch more

Watch Noe Mar McGonagle (CRI) flies down the line for a 9 point ride in Round 3 of the 2016 Ericeira World Junior Championships. Watch Now

The Price of Admission: Surfing Pe’ahi (The theme of the day was carnage, with moments of brilliance interspersed. If 20ft Jaws is hard to surf, then 20ft Jaws with 20mph wind is damned near impossible.) Watch the Carnage

Get Barreled in Tahiti with Samsung Gear VR, C.J. HobgoodWatch Now

An Army Veteran’s Return to Skateboarding – Watch more –  Ian Parkinson learned to skate on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. After losing both legs while serving in Afghanistan, this Army vet began the long road to recovery using his unbreakable passion for skateboarding as his motivation.

The Biggest Wave Ever Ridden On A Skimboard – Watch Epic Video

12-year-old surfer Eli Hanneman takes the Internet by storm – With some of the best surfers and coaches taking note, it seems Maui have unearthed a real surf star of the future. Watch more

Change Your Perspective: It’s time to give sharks a chance. Rethink the shark with this incredible video

A shark-deterrent wetsuit (and it’s not what you think)! Watch Video Now

2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship Presented By CAF, Hurley, Stance, City of San Diego Watch Now!

Surfing Costa Rica Episodio 1 – Puerto Viejo con Gilbert Brown – Watch Now

Happy Cows Help Save the Planet: Climate Smart Agriculture in Costa Rica Watch Now

Elección Miss Reef Costa Rica 2015 – Surfing Republica Costa Rica Watch Video

Surfing at Playa Costa Rica! Watch Video

Best Drone Surfing Video Compilation 2015 – Watch Video

Shark attack at ‪#‎JBayOpen‬. Thankfully, Mick Fanning is unharmed. WATCH VIDEO
The event has been canceled:

Exclusive interview with Mick Fanning following the ‪#‎JBayOpen‬ shark attack. WATCH VIDEO

Episodio Especial de los Surf Series del Backyard Bar – Surfing Republica Costa Rica.

THE TEQUILA SURF BOARD – Making a Organic Surfboard “100% Organically and 100% materials of the Tequila plant called Agave – Watch Now!

Mira en Espanol – “Primera Tabla De Surf Hecha de Tequila” – Mira Ahora

Buttons Kaluhiokalani – The Future of Surfing – Watch 1 minute video

Short biography titled, “Remembering Buttons Kaluhiokalani from EpicTV Surf – Watch 4 minute video

RAW FOOTAGE!!! Teahupoo 2013 HD! There is a reason there is over 14.5 million views!

Video of the best surfers in the southern Nicoya Peninsula take on big waves and tubes somewhere in the Santa Teresa / Malpais area at sunset in May 2015.

Sea Shepherd launches Operation Jairo, second-annual sea turtle anti-poaching campaign in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Florida. This years operation is dedicated to Jairo Mora Sandoval, the young man from Limon who was murdered by turtle poachers. Watch this one minute video on their work so far and how you can help this year.

Called a ‘Modern Day Muse’, Veronica Grey (a.k.a Surf Lady) from Hawaii, who actually learned to surf in Costa Rica, is quickly gaining notarity for her passionate humanitarian deeds. Read more about her work to stop shark finning, winning a humanitarian award and her shark-repellent wet-suits

With Turrialba volcano contining to erupt almost daily, we found a Facebook site that provides up-to-the-minute coverage. Check out OVSICORI-UNA facebook page so you too can be in the know.

In this video, one of the young founders of ‘Kids Saving the Rainforest’ explains what they are doing to save Costa Rica’s rainforests and the animals who call it home. – YouTube

Highlight reel of CNS and ALAS champ Anthony Fillingim – A Few May Days – on YouTube


Don’t forget you can check his local surf spot (Santa Teresa) daily on the Mal Pais Surf Cam.

The Caribbean is on fire this weekend. Here’s a video from Bocas del Toro featuring Nino Medrano and Gilbert Brown on YouTube.

Check out the trailer for the new short film by Graham at Nosara Shack – Andante – on Vimeo

Trip a Guana con Tomas King, Jair Perez, Flaco Naranjo, Luis Castro y Doryan Viquez – Surfing Republica.

Incredible free-surf video from the first day of the Costa Rica Open of Surfing on YouTube

Puerto Viejo Open Pro video from 2011, showing how good it gets at Salsa Brava

Radical movie of the week by Surfing Republica, Jair Perez at Playa Marbella on Vimeo

Noe Mar makes the favorites again with a 9.57 ride at World Juniors Surfing event in Portugal on Youtube

Check out CRsurf team rider Leilani’s new video on VIMEO


.. and her brother Noe Mar also has a new video out on YouTube by KC Rossi

WAZE traffic app partners with Costa Rica and shows time lapse video of daily traffic pattern in San Jose, on YouTube

Another amazing episode of Surfing Republica on Vimeo, featuring Alberto Muñoz y Miguel Megias


Exploring Costa Rica’s Southern Zone by aerial drone created by Aerial Media Costa Rica on YouTube.

Thirty seconds of sick surf clips from Jason Torres filmed by Justin Howard on Vimeo.


Follow Athony Fillingim’s surf career on Facebook as he competes on the Latin American Surf Tour. Bonus clip on the Santa Teresa boys surfing locally on YouTube

Carlos Munoz lighting up his home break in Playa Hermosa. Video by Hermosa Surfotos


We are now showcasing the daily Costa Rica surf videos by the Rovercam. Check out their best waves of August on YouTube.

Nomadic Yoga Adventures has put out an amazing video on YouTube showcasing their business in Pavones

Check out the winning video made by the Fortney family for Witchs Rock Surf Camp Community Contest. They won a free week’s stay at WRSC.

Maykol Torres and the Puerto Viejo Open Pro are featured in this week’s episode of Surfing Republica on Vimeo

Incredible longboarding by Patagonia Ambassador Belinda Baggs – The Involvement Dream

Check out this YouTube video of Santa Teresa’s Anthony Fillingim showcasing his skills back in May.

Artistic surf flick of Leon Glatzer surfing Pavones, created by Louis Josek on YouTube

If you are not checking the Playa Hermosa daily surf videos from Cheech on Beach, you should!

In honor of World Ocean’s Day, check out this video of “Wave Saver of the Year” Ramon Navarro

Check out the highlights from the ROCA LOCA Big Wave Contest on Surfing Republica’s YouTube page

Surfing Republica’s Video from the Camelo Bikinis Surf Contest on YouTube


Gilbert Brown’s ‘Radical Move of the Week’ on Surfing Republica

Excellent pumping surf video created by Alfredo Barquero from NosaraShack on Vimeo

Diego Naranjo killing it near his home break on YouTube.


CRsurf team rider Leilani McGonagle’s beautiful new surf video on Vimeo

Surfing Republica Episode 2 on YouTube – rising star Danny Bishko on the Caribbean Coast

Surfing Republica posted the highlights from the 2nd stop on the Circuito Nacional in Playa Cocles on YouTube

Vimeo video of the Pavones Grom Fest organized by CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle.


Alvaro Solano’s SUP Adventure : A First Crossing of the Nicoya Gulf on a SUP/Costa Rica on YouTube

Check out the WipeOut Films video from the first stop on the Circuito Guanacasteco in Tamarindo on YouTube

Fisher Heverly in Guanacaste on Vimeo

Surfer Alex Knost spent some time surfing Bali and Costa Rica. See the RVCA vid here on YouTube

Check out the teaser for Josymar’s newest video release, MACHETAZOZ, showcasing the best local surfers in Costa Rica.


WipeoutFilms is doing a ’30 seconds’ feature on the local surf talent, check out this segment of Anthony Flores, National Longboarding champ, on YouTube.

Brixton Wandering around Central America surf video on Vimeo


Surfing with Boos Adventures at Witchs Rock and Ollies Point on YouTube

If you want to see daily videos of surfing in Playa Hermosa, check out Cheech on the Beach on YouTube.

Check out the video hightlights of the Puerto Viejo Open Pro, thanks to Wipeout Films on YouTube.


Josymar Fuentes Villalobos top 2013 clips, video by A.Mason on YouTube

Sylvia Earle talks about protecting the oceans in Central America on YouTube.

Will and Jaden Smith talk about filming of After Earth in the jungles of Costa Rica on YouTube

Alberto ‘Beto’ Munoz on Gallo Pinto TV. Highlights on Vimeo.


Video from the Surf for Youth Contest in Playa Marbella last weekend on Youtube. Check below for results.Barrel fest at last year’s Surf for Youth contest in Playa Marbella on YouTube.


Sloth Rescue center in Costa Rica is raising money for their program and have this cute video on YouTube to help raise awareness. You can donate through IndieGogo here.

If you want to see video of the hottest Costa Rican surfers, then Stone Fish Productions has made one for you on YouTube.

Check out the highlights from the Final Day at the ISA World Junior Surfing Games on YouTube


Video of the Roca Bruja Skimfest held in May on Vimeo

This YouTube cat diary video will make you laugh hard


And this YouTube video of an Oar Fish (which can grow to 18 meters long!) is just amazing

It’s always cool to get a video from one of our clients from their surf trip to Santa Teresa on YouTube.

Full Moon SUP event hosted in Tamarindo by Waves Costa Rica on Vimeo.


Skimboarding Costa Rica on Canal 9’s Pulse TV on YouTube.

Awesome vid of Cali Munoz and J.O.B. – Aloha to Pura Vida – on YouTube by Surfos Mag.

WipeOut Films just posted their recent Camelo Model video of Andreina Samudio. Que lindisima!


When you get your chin off the ground, check out their latest compilation from the Copa Maui in Jaco on YouTube.Real Surf Trips and Tony Roberts have been creating some magical surf and lifestyle videos for the Guanacaste Coast. Watch their latest creation on VIMEO.

Find out more about Las Tortugas and the role ecotourism plays in the conservation struggle on YouTube.

Huge tow session video from Nazarre Portugal on Vimeo, shot the day of Garrett McNamara’s 100 foot wave.

Jairos Perez surfing some of the finer breaks on the Nicoya Peninsula on Vimeo

Check out the highlights from the Volcom Qualifying Series in Playa Hermosa on YouTube

A longer version posted on YouTube here

Watch this video to get psyched for the Puerto Viejo Open Pro next month – on YouTube.

Nosara Shack takes a surf trip to Playa Marbella, video on Vimeo


If you want to know what a true surf camp experience is like, check out Del Mar Surf Camp on YouTube

Central America Surfing Games Guatemala 2012 – Webisode #1 by WipeOut Films on YouTube. And here is webisode #2


Carlos Munoz has his first Innersection TV entry, created by 7Mares’ Saul Garcia on YouTube.

Un Día en la Oficina, a YouTube video from 7Mares Mag by Agustin Munoz

Great rides from Gilbert, Jefferson, Jason, and the Playa Hermosa crew from The Point Surf Shop


New video out of CRsurf Team Rider Noe Mar McGonagle in California on Vimeo

Anthony Fillingim has a new highlight reel on YouTube filmed by A.Mason (Thanks Josymar for sharing)

Newest Leilani McGonagle video, CRsurf team rider from Pavones, on YouTube


If you liked the ‘pic of the week’, check out Kevin Montiel’s highlight video, filmed in Nosara by Initiative Surf on Vimeo

If you are big fan of barrels, airs, and France, this video has it all on Vimeo – Vive la France

WipeOutFilms does it again with an excellent video showcasing the Finals of the Circuito Nacional de Surf

in Playa Hermosa on YouTube


Check out this incredible video of Gilbert, produced by Saul Garcia on YouTube. LINK

Awesome clip of Pavones on August 16th. Lefts all the way to the boats on YouTube

Check out the WipeOut Films trailer for the REEF Gran Final on YouTube

Skim and Surf Video – Rocking Hermosa – by SkimCR on Youtube

Surfing Bull Dog, an old YouTube video but guaranteed to make you smile


“2.5%” is a  documentary short focused on protecting the Osa Peninsula. Our message is clear, this is a region that should be developed responsibly and in line with the environment. Help fund this movie by donating here – LINK

Anthony Fillingim’s feature video on YouTube. Killer tubes and airs!

The DC Shoes – Europe Surf Team – ripping in a bunch of Costa Rica’s finest breaks on YouTube.


This Vimeo video showcases the Pura Vida that Costa Rica has to offer, filmed by Patrick Pierson

Puerto Viejo Open Pro, 2nd date coming up on the 23rd of June. Check the highlights from January’s contest.


Red Bull Future Surf Camp 2012, filmed by WipeOut Films, showing the Costa Rica’s future surf competitors

If you love to boogie (board), then this video on YouTube is a must see, by WipeOutFilms.

Watch the giant surf in Dominical and the best Costa Rica surfers riding waves

on the 4th event on the Circuito Nacional thanks to WipeOutFilms on YouTube.

WipeOut Films catchs Rob Machado scoring surf in Costa Rica on YouTube

Megwyn Saunders, Camelo Bikinis team rider, enjoying some Costa Rica surf on YouTube

The Inaugural LOST… Surf Jam just posted up a video on Check it..

16mm Reels – A taste of Central America – Puerto Viejo barrels from 2007

Costa Rica Surf Video Evolucion from

Gilbert Brown surfing the Mentawais – from Core Magazine and Tony Roberts

WipeOutFilms has all the highlights from the Circuito Nacional Olympus 2012 Event #3 on YouTube

Cafe Playa Negra shares some waves with us at their home break – on YouTube


Josymar Fuentes gets signed by O’NEILL. Check out the ‘Welcome to the team’ video on YouTube

If you want to learn more about a unique reef system in Florida that needs to be saved, watch this YouTube video by Pure Ocean TV

Vista Guapa Surf and SUP Camp, YOLO Board Experience Tour – Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica video


Day 2 of the Circuito Nacional Surf Contest in Pal Seco by Wipeout Films on YouTube

Today is World Water Day. Celebrate by watching Surfrider’s 3-second water montage on YouTube

The Asociación Proparques was created to protect Costa Rica’s National park system. Visit them on Facebook


If you have not seen it yet, BELIEVE IT! Blind surfer surfs Pipeline – view on YouTube

Check out Wipeout Films highlights from the final day of the surf contest in Playa Hermosa on Facebook

And here is day 1 on YouTube


More WipeOut Films – 1st Skimboarding Jam in Costa Rica – 2011 – on YouTube

Hope Goes Surfing: CJ Hobgood, Balaram Stack, and Eric Geiselman in Costa Rica on VIMEO


Graham Swindell has released the full version of his video – Finding Utopia – on Vimeo.

One World, One Ocean dives into the seas off of Isla de Coco on YouTube


Josymar Fuentes making it look good on a small day. Video by A.Mason on YouTube


Volcom Pipe Pro – Los mejores del día 3 – Cali Munoz on YouTube

Our youngest team rider – Leilani McGonagle – highlighting her best surfing of 2011 on YouTube

Check out this video episode of Surf Talk with WavesCR owner Andrea Diaz on YouTube

Check out the newest video by Octopi – Silhouette – filmed in Costa Rica on YouTube

Jair Perez video surfing resume on YouTube


Surfos Magazine presents its latest online version of their glossy magazine on ISSUU

We love skimboarding! We love Teahupoo’s waves! Why not put them together on YouTube?

Related to surfing in that if we keep using dirty burning fossil fuels, the acidification of our oceans will kill all marine life.

Protest in San Francisco during an Obama Fundraiser on YouTube


Leon Glatzer making it look easy in Pavones – Kerrupt Air – on YouTube

Wipeout Films – Campeonato Nacional de Bodyboard 2011 on YouTube


Noe Mar McGonagle and Diego Naranjo are in France for the Quiksilver Open Pro and King of the Groms World Finals. Check in with them through this YouTube video from Surfos Magazine

LuxyHair filmed their trip to Costa Rica with Del Mar Surf Camp on YouTube


Several local Surfrider Foundation chapters combined their talents and funds to create the film – Cycle of Insanity – about how we change our water cycle on YouTube

The Rip Curl Search Pro is coming to San Francisco, California! Get ready for some cold water beat downs.

There’s some scary creatures in the ocean… none more scary than plastic. Watch this Surfrider PSA


Coco Ho and Claire Bevilacqua visiting Santa Teresa to catch a few, from our friends at

Check out the trailer to the feature film “The Return” created by Costa Rican director Hernán Jiménez. He was able to raise over $50,000 on Kickstarter to make his film a reality.


Carton teaches Anthony Fillingim and Maikol Torres how to shape surfboards on YouTube.

7Mares Magazine has a great videographer – Saul Garcia – putting out top vides for Gilbert Brown and

the rest of Costa Rica’s top surfers. Check out their CNS finals highlights on Vimeo


Josymar Fuentes from Jaco has put together some sick clips on YouTube, some of them from his new DVD

Men’s Final heat of the Nike US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA on YouTube. Kelly Slater vs. Yadin Nicol

Check out the final day highlights of the Quiksilver Pro in Puerto Escondido Mexico

Gilbert and Ronald Brown, Carlos Muñoz, and Diego Naranjo all competed with Gilbert making it to the 4th round!

Check out this travel film for Costa Rica, shot back in 1947 on YouTube. Thanks to Pothole Mag in Tamarindo for sharing the link.

What can happen to a tourist here who does not pay attention to basic security precautions? That’s the premise of a YouTube video produced by the U.S. Embassy here that seeks to promote vigilance. From


To check out local surfers in action, pick up a copy of “Josymar Fuentes and Friends, Vol 1” video, featuring some great local surfers. Available at Jacó Surf Club, The Point Surf Shop, the Del Mar Surf Camp office, Roca Loca Surf Shop, B&B Surf Shop and Piko Surf Shop. Proceeds go to help the orphanage in San José.

Highlights of the Quiksilver Open Pro presented by Olympus. Video by Saul Garcia on Vimeo.

Extended Facebook video of the Reef Latin Pro contest back in December in Santa Teresa by Mor Surf Videos

Carton Surfboards team riders video at the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games.

2008 Legalize It Pro in Puerto Viejo

LEGENDS CONTEST in Playa Hermosa – a barrel fest!

Playa Carmen Surf Contest – 2007

from Macao Films

Video taken at The 10k Surf Challenge, by

The video is complete from the Puerto Viejo Open Pro in Playa Cocles.

Check out PRIMAL SKY, a surf band from California laying down tracks for Billabong videos on YouTube.

To check out local surfers in action, pick up a copy of “Josymar Fuentes and Friends, Vol 1” video, featuring some great surfing clips. It’s available at Jacó Surf Club, The Point Surf Shop, the Del Mar Surf Camp office, Roca Loca Surf Shop, B&B Surf Shop and Piko Surf Shop. Proceeds go to help the orphanage in San José.

Freddy “Salsiboy” Camacho showing his surf skills on YouTube. Ready for your surf lesson?

Catch more YouTube highlights of the Copa Nosara held on June 4th in Playa Guiones, from

Highlights from the CNS Gran Final in Playa Hermosa from WipeOut FIlms on YouTube

Beautiful images of Santa Teresa from Blue Surf Sanctuary on Vimeo


Highlights from the Miss Reef contest and Jair Perez at the ALAS Reef Latin Pro in Panama on YouTube

Luis Vindas – Two time Open’s Champion – Wipeout Films on YouTube


etnies Pura Vida video from the tree planting trip to Costa Rica on Vimeo


Andy Iron’s Billabong Video for “I Surf Because” on YouTube

TEAM CARTON and the youthful new generation of Costa Rica surfers on You Tube

Everything you wanted to learn about how to surf, without getting wet. Instructional videos from Del Mar Surf Camp

Highlights of Noe Mar at the Quiksilver King of the Groms contest on YouTube


Primera Fecha del Circuito Metropolitano de Surf 2011- Wipeout Films – YouTube

If you think the waves are no good and you need a good laugh, watch this clip called Monsterboards

Is this the first kick flip on a Surfboard? You be the judge.. LINK


Check out the trailer to the Nosara Shack Surf Video – Finding Utopia

Watch the complete version of Fe de Agua – filmed around Tamarindo


Check out a day in the life of the Jaco Lifeguards on YouTube and Carton Surfboards Team Rider Leilani McGonagle on You Tube

Check out Ronald Brown’s winning wave in the Puerto Viejo Open Pro, filmed by WipeOut Films

Check out Puro Surf – a TV show on Channel 11 in Jaco Costa Rica – also on Vimeo.

TransparenSea the Movie, on Mpora – featuring Dave Rastovich & friends saving our Seas

Brett Barley – East Coast pro surfer from the Outer Banks in Costa Rica – thanks to

GET PAID FOR COLLECTING CIGARETTE BUTTS – new project to clean up butts on YouTube

What some would rather see on the beach – Bikini Show by Camelo Bikinis during the 2009 World Surf Games

The Story of Bottled Water – how we can reduce plastics in our oceans

Why we need to do this? – Watch this TED video on Plastic Pollution

Graham Swindell’s new video project – Finding Utopia on Vimeo

Girls surfing in Santa Teresa, posted on Facebook by Mor Surf-Video

One of my favorite Reggae tunes – Harmonia de Amor by Gondwana – on YouTube

Bunny Wailer live in Miami last weekend at Reggae Rocks on YouTube – Big up Kulchashok Musik!

Surfer’s Poll Nominees for Best Barrel on YouTube – does Andy Irons win?

Vimeo video of the recent surf contest in Playa Carillo, thanks to Nosara Shack

Video coverage of the Triple Crown Event this summer behind Luz de Vida Resort on YouTube posts some nice surfing vids from the Southern Pacific surf zone of Costa Rica. Can you recognize this point break? YouTube video.

Del Mar Surf Camp – quality YouTube vid shot by ESM‘s Tom Dugan

Kelly Slater in Costa Rica on YouTube

Check out the highlights from the Lime Coral SolSurf Pro in Manuel Antonio on YouTube.

Vote for Gilbert Brown’s section on Taylor Steele’s “This section captures Gilbert. I dont know him but i feel like i do from this. This makes me want to hang out and surf with him. Strong edit and good surfing.” Posted: 09/08/2010 by taylor steele. Surfing Magazine posts up Gilbert Brown’s Innersection clip. Check it here.

Video Highlights from the Masters World Surfing Championships in Santa Catalina, Panama.

Tamarindo Rainy Season YouTube video showing some major flood action.

Check out the final day of the ECSC (East Coast Surf Championships) in Virginia Beach on YouTube.

No, it’s not Costa Rica, but Jairo Perez from Jaco won the Juniors, and placed 5th in open.

(check his waves out from the 1:30 to 1:42 and 2:02 to 2:08 marks)

ISA Masters – World Surfing Championships in Santa Catalina 8/27 to 9/4 – Promo Vid on YouTube

Tacson brothers surfing HUGE Roca Loca – August 21st – YouTube – by SunSeeker Productions

Ready for a trip to Ollie’s Point? This gets you pumped for the next swell.. by WRSC on YouTube

Check out the slow mo HD video tube and aerial shots by Costa Rica Tow Surfer of Callie on YouTube

Surfing Nosara interview with Brad Anderson of GRAIN Surfboards on YouTube

SOLO BUENO – el mejor surfing en Costa Rica hecho por Maluca Videos

Best of Jaco Wipeouts near Calle Bohio on YouTube, courtesy of Jaco Surf School

Top Videos from the Quiksilver Puerto Escondido Pro – 4-star WQS Event

If you want to see Pavones in June, check out Pavones Hot Shots on Facebook

Mal Pais Surf Cam highlights from Day 1 at the Luz de Vida $10k Invitational on YouTube

Roxy and Waves Costa Rica host the Playas Limpias event in Playa Hermosa on YouTube

Surfos Magazine now has a TV show. Watch an episode on YouTube

The video is complete from the Puerto Viejo Open Pro in Playa Cocles.

Check out some breakdancing during the Surfing Nosara Foundation’s Auction for the Arts

Check out the finals of the Circuito Nacional, courtesy of Wipeout Films

Check out Tony Roberts’ newest surf/lifestyle vid of the Guanacaste Coast on YouTube – It’s Wide Open

Super skimboarding all over Costa Rica, by Costa Rica Skim on YouTube

See Coconut Harry’s version of the recent C.N.S. contest on YouTube.

See the National Park of Manzanillo in the Talamancan Area of Costa Rica on the Caribbean Coast.

Check out Surfing Nosara’s video of the latest CNS Surf Contest in Playa Guiones in huge surf on You Tube, created by

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico reaches US Gulf coast, May 1st, on YouTube.

Go to to see Surfrider’s stance on offshore oil drilling.

See the video made for Pretoma’s award winner – Randall Arauz

Do you want to see Carton in action making a board? Carton Surfboards YouTube video.

Check the video from one of our favorite hotels in Playa Carmen – Ranchos Itauna on YouTube.

Watch the pros rip up overhead surf at Santa Teresa during the CNS contest on YouTube, thanks to

A new TV show set to come out on surfing in Costa Rica, from Tulin Productions on YouTube..

See some of the best videos from last week’s swell: Mal Pais Surf Cam, Surfing Nosara, and Coconut Harrys

Christian Santa Maria clip on Surfing Nosara’s YouTube channel.

Have you been to the Trashion Fashion show in Tamarindo? Check out the review on YouTube

Super Natural Adventures for Kids on YouTube – Duaro, a hero for our rainforests

Learn how to make Recycled Paper – from SNA for Kids on YouTube

Shark Finning Birthday Party on February 17th in San Jose shown on YouTube, hosted by to remind the Supreme Court that Costa Ricans are still waiting for the court’s final decision (3 years now) that will uphold the responsible management of sharks and the country’s marine resources.

YouTube Vid of Jefferson Tacson (CRSURF rider) and friends at Playa Hermosa. Surfeando en La Chanchera con: – Hnos tascon – Lizbeth Vindas – Jeremy Segura – video por Ezequiel Avaro

Catch the footage from last year’s Legalize It Pro in Puerto Viejo on YouTube

Video of the Costa Rica Presidential candidates discussing Las Baulas National Park.

YouTube video showcasing CRSURF team rider – Noe Mar McGonagle

Pretoma’s Save the Baulas Rock Concert on YouTube

Lonely Planet Travel TV features Safari Surf School in the ‘Sick of Home’ Series on YouTube

Surfing Rides – YouTube videos made with surfer Gilbert Brown teaching you how to surf in Spanish.

You Tube Trailer for the movie Finding Pura Vida, the history of the Pura Vida No Pro

Lealani McGonagle surfing Pavones on YouTube

Carlos Muñoz YouTube surf video – from Easy Riders Surf School

Marcos Sifu, Mickey Bernardoni, Layla Motta, & Alan Fendrich surf Costa Rica (Matapalo). High quality YouTube video.

Trailer for Zen and Zero

For All Time was the video created in 1990 that in turn led to the creation of Las Baulas National Park

You Tube Video – Pretoma fights against shrimp trawler illegal operation in the Caletas-Ario marine protected area.

Earthwatch Institute’s Video on Leatherback Sea Turtle Research in Costa Rica

Video – Are we killing Isla de Coco? – from National Geographic

More Videos by Ezequiel Avaro. Here’s one made for Surfos Magazine.

First adaptive surf camp in Costa Rica – video from Shaka Surf Camp and Oceans Healing Group.

Carton Surfboards team riders video at the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games.

Adrenalina Surf TV film with Gilbert and Nino on MySpace

Shark Finning – an INTERVIEW with PRETOMA on YouTube

Pretoma protests to President Arias – Leave the Leatherbacks in Peace!

Huge waves surfed in Santa Teresa on 7/24 – from MalPaiSurfCam

WavesCR is now on Facebook and on YouTube

Frederico Pilurzo – shredding it!

Surfing in Santa Teresa 6/7/09 – by

Mike and Dan Cruden, Robbie Blevins, and friends shredding up Playa Hermosa on the RoverCam

Playa Carmen Surf Contest – Finals 2009 – from Maluca Videos

Big Set Wave at Pavones (3/16/08) – from Theroets

Carton Surfboards – Jaco surf shop video ad. Check out the ‘bicho model’ video, too.

Pura Vida No Pro 2008 – held annually at Playa Esterillos each year to benefit homeless kids from San Jose (part 7 of 7 in a series of highlights from the event).

12 year old Pavones Surfer – Noe Mar McGonagle is tearing up this year’s Circuito Nacional de Surf.

Leilani Surfing Pavones – And his 8-year old sister surfs waves just as long!!

Daily Nosara Surf Video – Coconut Harry’s Surf Shop in Playa Guiones

Can the Oceans Keep up with the Hunt?? – From Habitat Media – part of a series

Obama’s Georgetown Speech on closing the Carbon Pollution loophole

Jason Torres ISA World Surfing Games Portugal 2008

Surf Movie – Pacificall – trailer

A little more Pacificall, this time in Pavones

Mundial del Surf on Teletica Deportes

Witchs Rock Surf Tours surfing Ollie’s Point, starring Luis Castro

Puerto Viejo Open Tigerland Air Show – From the May 2009 contest

Christian Surfer Group building school roof in Playa Dominical

HOME – Trailer for the Movie*

*In 200,000 years on Earth, humanity has upset the balance of the planet, established by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it’s too late to be a pessimist: humanity has barely ten years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoliation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption.

Project Blue – The Surf Industry and Surfrider working to save our oceans, waves, and beaches. Currently there is a contest to win a backpack full of Travel Gear!

Green Jungle – Helping out the communities in the Talamanca region

School of the World – Spanish, Surf, and Photography School in Jaco

Costa Rica Surf Institute – in Tamarindo

A Tale of Entanglement – Why we must never forget why littering is a big deal, and why we must teach others not to do it.

From the Osa Coalition – Video showing the destruction of Playa Preciosa on the Osa Peninsula by the Costa Rican government

Video demonstrating the problem that communities all over Costa Rica – the loss of water quality and quantity. From CAVU, covering Uvita and the Osa Peninsula. En Espanol (with English subtitles)

Costa Rican fishermen demand closure of private docks to foreign fleets in Puntarenas. Read more and watch the video of the protest.


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