Gilbert Brown Lopez and Paulina Summers take Double Victories in the Marley Cup

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Leo Calvo wins the Surfing Republic Pro in Playa Guiones

At 37 years old, 4 times National Surf Champion Gilbert Brown Lopez won the Marley Cup at home. After almost five years not winning an National Circuit event and six years in Puerto Viejo, Brown won both Open and Masters divisions after a legendary heat in Playa Cocles.

Paulina Summers Viquez, also a Puerto Viejo local, won the Open and Juniors division, an action that makes the record books as the locals took 7 golds out of 14 and put 15 athletes on the podium.

So with that, the party in Puerto Viejo ended with Gilbert winning the heat and the leader in the Circuito Nacional, and Jair Perez Quiros, who was ahead a couple of times in the heat but lost on the last wave caught by Brown.

“My respects for all my rivals. I’ve had a lot of years without winning and at 37 years it means a lot since there is a high level of surfing today. But what pleases me more, that all the kids in Puerto Viejo are surfing so well and getting results in the Circuit,” said Gilbert.

With this win, the local will not be the overall leader, but is now considered a favorite for the 2019 National Title with all who win getting 1500 points for a win.

Today Playa Cocles offered bigger waves than yesterday. Mountains of water up to 12 feet fell at the beach break with favorable winds, it lent for a worthy show of an event of this size that enjoyed one of its best months of the summer.

The next dates of the Kolbi National Circuit will be in Playa Guiones de Nosara on February 23 and 24th. There are 7 events in total, including Santa Teresa, Avellanas, Jaco, and Playa Hermosa – that ends in July.

Copa Marley Costa Rica Surf contest

1. Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)
2. Jair Pérez (Jaco)
3. Carlos Brown (Puerto Viejo)
4. Olman Morales (Santa Teresa)

Open Femenino 
1. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

1. Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)
2. Alvaro Solano (Jaco)
3. Diego Naranjo (Jaco)
4. Mauro Sergio Oliveira (San José)

1. Brandom Steward
2. Jefferson Calderón
3. David Westtin
4. Hugo Alfonso Melendez

Bodyboard Femenino 
1. Beatriz Arleo (San José)
2. Cindy Diaz (Jaco)
3. Megwin Sauders (Jaco)
4. Sofia Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)

Bodyboard Junior 
1. Hugo Alfonso Meléndez
2. Brandon Steward
3. Steven Miranda
4. Dylan Araya
5. Alderick Hernández

1. Cedrick McCrakin (Puerto Viejo)
2. Gabriel Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)
3. Sebastián Mora (Santa Teresa)
4. Sam Reidy (Dominical)

Junior Femenino 
1. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

1. Darshan Antequera (Jaco)
2. Sam Reidy (Dominical)
3. Aarón Ramirez (Jaco)
4. Tao Rodriguez (Panamá)

1. Indiana Ferri (Puerto Viejo)
2. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)
3. Valeria Ojeda (Jaco)
4. Auxiela Ryan (Puerto Viejo)

1. Pietro Garroux (Guanacaste)
2. Ian Rojas
3. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)
4. Leonardo Apreda (Jaco)

1. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)
2. Pietro Garroux (Guanacaste)
3. Leonardo Apreda (Jaco)
4. Kian Ashara

MiniGrommet Femenino 
1. Erika Berra (Puerto Viejo)

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