Leo Calvo wins the Surfing Republic Pro in Playa Guiones

Gilbert Brown Lopez and Paulina Summers take Double Victories in the Marley Cup
Jair Pérez wins the Reef Classic in Santa Teresa

Previous National Champion of the sub 12, sub 14, sub 16 and sub 18 categories of the National Circuit Kölbi, Leo Calvo of Boca Barranca, finished yesterday as champion of the Open Division at 21 years of age, winning the Copa Surfing Republic at Playa Guiones de Nosara, the third date of the championship tour presented by the Junta de Protección Social.
Although the porteño had already reached the final several times during official stops, yesterday was inspired by one of the best air seen over the weekend, a move that scored him in the lead of a finals filled by “Tereseños”.
His rivals Ramón Taliani, Olman Morales and Sebastián Mora, the three from Santa Teresa de Cóbano, put him on the ropes on several occasions, mainly a Ramón who since Saturday had shown himself to be one of the favorites in Guiones.
However, Leo, who was very cautious with the use of the priority, won what he did not achieve since June 2015, also in Guiones, when he won the sub 18 that eventually ended up being the year when he achieved Junior National Champion.
“It’s a win that I was owed a long time ago. In Costa Rica there are very good surfers like the ones I had in the final, for example, but this year I would like to get into the national title fight … let’s see how the year goes, “said Leo.
After the action Leonardo Calvo jumped from position 41 to 9 and with Jair Pérez and Gilbert Brown, the first three winners this season. Jair Pérez will maintain the lead of the Circuit one more time due to his qualification to the semifinals and Olman Morales is the new sub leader after three consecutive finals.

In addition, in women, the current national champion, Rubiana Brownell de Avellanas, put to the ranking her first victory after three dates and with this she pushed the defense of her national title.


  1. Leonardo Calvo (Boca Barranca)
  2. Ramón Taliani (Santa Teresa)
  3. Sebastián Mora (Santa Teresa)
  4. Olman Morales (Santa Teresa)
    Women’s Open
  5. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
  6. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)
  7. Julissa Matamoros (Matapalo)
  8. Rachel Agüero (Jaco)


  1. Sam Reidy (Dominical)
  2. Tao Rodriguez (Panama)
  3. Kenneth Peralta (Jaco)
  4. Axel Castro (Cieneguita)
    Junior Female
  5. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
  6. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)
  7. Indiana Ferri (Puerto Viejo)
  8. Valeria Ojeda (Jaco)
  9. Sam Reidy (Dominical)
  10. Tao Rodriguez (Panama)
  11. Aaron Ramirez (Jaco)
  12. Ethan Hollander (Puerto Viejo)
  13. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)
  14. Valeria Ojeda (Jaco)
  15. Rubiana Brownell (Hazelnuts)
  16. Rachel Agüero (Jaco)
  17. Leo Apreda (Jaco)
  18. Kailani Abrahao (Tamarindo)
  19. Teo Gale (Panama)
  20. Pietro Garroux (Pietro Garroux)
  21. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)
  22. Leo Apreda (Jaco)
  23. Kian Ashara
  24. Rains Sullivan (Nosara)
  25. Ericka Berra (Puerto Viejo)
  26. Eva North
  27. Isabel Ayre
  28. Marcelo Morán (Nosara)
  29. Daniel Alvarez (Dominican Republic)
  30. Marcel Oliveira (Jaco)
  31. Adolfo Gómez (Sámara)
  32. Jefferson Tascón (Horseshoe)
  33. Marcel Oliveira (Jaco)
  34. Alvaro Solano (Jaco)
  35. José Ruiz (Nosara)

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