Some Costa Rica Beaches to Stay Open All Day for Surfing

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Empty lineup at La Curva, Playa Hermosa - photo: GG

(Updated 6/15/20) Starting June 1st, some of the beaches in Costa Rica will be open all day to surfing and other physical activity. This is a big change since before all beaches were only open from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. Monday to Friday and some areas inside of national parks were closed to everyone. The beaches to be open are the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Playa Hermosa – Punta Mala, and the Refugio Nacional De Vida Silvestre Ostional. Also, the Tempisque Conservation Area and Santa Rosa National Park will be open.

Surfing spots in these areas include – WItches Rock and Ollies Point, Playa Grande, Playa Ostional, Playa Pelada, Playa Guiones, and Playa Camaronal on the Nicoya Peninsula. The Tamarindo Rivermouth is still closed. And for the Central Pacific coast – Playa Hermosa (starting as far north as The Tree ‘El Almendro’ and going as far south as Punta Mala, just north of Esterillos Oeste) will be open. Due to surfers and beachgoers not following the rules, the Minister of Health has shortened the hours to the same 5 to 8 a.m., Monday to Friday, as the rest of the country. Right now the rest of the beaches are expected to open full time on July 12th.

There are some rules for being on these beaches, one cannot just sit there and enjoy the sunshine. Here is a graphic that the Minister of the Environment has created and signs will be posted at the entrances of these areas.

Costa Rica rules for beach access due to Coronavirus

So it says:

1. Stay 6 feet apart
2. Keep social groups at a maximum of five people.
3. Swimming, running, and surfing are permitted (including SUP, skimboarding, and bodyboarding)
4. Sunbathing, sitting on the beach, group gatherings are not permitted
5. No pets
6. If you are sick then stay at home
7. Always apply the cough and sneeze protocol and wash your hands frequently
8. The hours to enter and exit the beach will be depend on the rules given by the Ministry of Health.

It is important to follow these rules, not just for the safety and health of everyone on the beach, but so the government can see the excellent examples set by surfers and possibly open the rest of Costa Rica’s beaches sooner than originally planned. An open beach is expected to help out the local economy, and with no international tourism, every customer who stops for lunch, dinner, or groceries is welcome.

Here is the schedule of how Costa Rica is planning to re-open the country. Right now the international borders are closed until June 30th, but that date is expected to be pushed farther in to the future. CRsurf will keep its readers informed of the latest information as it becomes available. One can also stay on top of daily updates on our Facebook page.

Costa Rica opening stages due to Covid-19 virus pandemic

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