Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1014
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Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 21, Issue #1015

PIC OF THE WEEK: El Voz de Surf  - Freddy 'Salsiboy' Camacho at his home break in Playa Hermosa Photo by: @diazcarvs

TIDES for October 28th, 2020


Low Tide: 1.47 feet at 6:49 a.m.
High Tide: 7.68 feet at 12:56 p.m.

Full Moon - October 31st

Check out the 2021 Costa Rica tide charts!

National Forecast

Caribbean 2-3 ft. 1-2 ft. 1 ft. 1 ft. 1 ft. 1-2 ft. 2-3 ft.
North Pacific 2-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 5-7 ft. 5-7 ft.
South Pacific 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 4-6 ft. 6-8 ft. 6-8 ft.


Caribbean - Leftover ENE swell (3 ft. at 8 seconds) for Wednesday with waist high surf and then it drops to near flat through the weekend. More tropical activity pushes in a new ENE swell late Sunday. 

Pacific -  Fading SSW swell through Thurday with chest to head high waves. Friday there's a short pulse of nearshore wind swell, but it dips back Saturday. Sunday brings a new SSW swell (3 feet at 15 seconds) which grows to 5.5 feet by Monday, and for next week the surf will be 1-3 foot overhead. More well overhead SW swell to follow going in to next weekend.

Facebook and Video Favorites

Swell of the Century in Nazare coming! Day 1 - Von Froth Ep 16 - Big wave rider Nick Van Rupp shows us his home town and tackles a few 50' waves. 

Yes, he's just a kid, but Jemaya has been getting some great surf drone footage from all around Costa Rica. Check out his Instagram page and support the next generation of surfers.

View past links to our top lists of YouTube videos and Facebook sites

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Starting November 1st, Costa Rica allow tourists from tourists from all countries, including all states in the U.S.  No PCR-RT test required to enter! Find out the rules for travel insurance in our special report (updated 10/27/20)

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If you have never surfed in Costa Rica before and want an introduction to some of our favorite breaks, read how to Find the Best Surfing Spots in Costa Rica in No Time

To stay informed of what's happening in the surf world today, check out our list of The 8 Best Surfing Podcasts You Need to Know About


SIGN THIS PETITION from to stop commercial fishing fleets from trawling the bottom of the sea to catch shrimp and meanwhile killing thousands of creatures as bycatch. 

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Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 10/24 - Summertime and off-shores have started and the dry season is right around the corner.  We have had several days of excellent, uncrowded, off-shore surf this week and expect the frequency of these sessions to increase over the next two weeks before full blown dry season.  There are very few restrictions on visiting Costa Rica as of Nov. 1 and travel here should be relativly easy and safe.  We still do not have any reported covid illnesses in our area.


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 10/27 - Tamarindo had fun waves, a SW swell passed by with 2-3ft waves on the best sets, mostly glassy conditions and the reward of double sessions for several days. Line up is getting busier with local surfers, some Costa Rican visitors and the first foreign tourists booking surf lessons. 

Langosta way less crowded, most point breaks got activated with the swell direction, 3ft average wave size, same weather patterns for the north pacific coast in a good rainy season.
Local ONG's remain assisting as many as 10.000 people in Guanacaste, your donation if you can will be greatly appreciated. Below are some of the ONG's links you can contact or to donate.
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Surfing NosaraEli at - 10/26 - Today we have a rainy morning, with small and fun waves. The size is waist high to chest high.

 Check out for additional photos, further information about activities and upcoming events here in Playa Guiones. Stop by Surfing Nosara office and ask for Brayan or Eli, if you would like to book a private photo session or by any of our pictures.

South Nicoya Peninsula

Santa Teresa

Caribbean surf forecastSurf - 10/27 - Dropping South swell, from head high down to waist to chest high by Thursday. The next SSW swell arrives Sunday (3 ft at 18 seconds) so it will get a lot bigger to start next week, 1-2 feet overhead.

Jaco / Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 10/24 - FUN FUN FUN 4-6ft+ BEAUTIFUL DAY – SOME S Swell Joining in mañana.

 Reservations in Hermosa - WHATSAPP +506-8899-1520. Local Corner: Save The Waves has selected Playa Hermosa as the next World Surfing Reserve, the first one in Central America.

Now offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, Crossfit , healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.



esterillos-surf-reportEsterillos Oeste Surf Report - 10/25 - This morn started off choppy and disorganized but as tide came up it’s turned out some surf about 2-3 (waist to shoulder high ) right now it’s pretty glassy and straightened out a lot still a little disorganized but a couple waves coming in. Right now only about 2 ppl surfing along the reef and about 10+ ppl surfing at picó which has a small fun waves coming thru once and a while. Seems like the upcoming week is gonna start off a little smaller and with the typical October weather we will have some hit or miss conditions as the high tide moves into late morn and midday and throughout the rest of the week looks like swell is gonna bounce around a bit but in the smaller range with 2-4, maybe 3-4 feet.

Southern Pacific

Quepos/Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio Surf SchoolLuis at Manuel Antonio Surf School - 10/26 -

the waves in Manuel Antonio have been decent these days wave height is around 1 to 3 feet and the conditions are not to good this week with riptides, high tides and rains make Manuel Antonio Beach a little choppy but we still have some good waves coming down, the best spot to surf this weekend in Manuel Antonio is Playitas beach.
Events and promotions: **Paquete Manuel Antonio** Actividad a escoger es lección de surf, tour de SUP o Reto MAE. Precio por persona en ocupación sencilla -  ¢37,500 + IVA, 2 personas - ¢55,000 + IVA **INCLUYE desayuno y almuerzo**


Steve at Jazzys River House - 10/25 - This morning wave size bumped up from yesterday, maybe a foot or two - there were some overhead peaks today with half decent conditions.  Fairly clean inside, fairly consistent shoulders outside; not a lot of crosswaves and the wind was a mild offshore early which began to fade midmorning giving way to a gentle rain with crosswinds developing by late morning.  Paddle out was not especially hard but the crowd remained on the small side.  

Dominicalito report was 3'-4' and messy and not great quality but fun especially for longer boards.  Hermosa South was smallish with few peaks and mostly closed out walls...nothing to shout about anywhere this morning.  
Jazzy's RiverHouse has a discounted vacation rental - short stay/long stay, terms negotiable.  Email Steve at:


Salsa Brava

Caribbean surf forecastSurf - 10/27 - Waves are 2-3 feet, waist high, coming from the ENE at 8 seconds. It will pick up a foot Wednesday, but then die out completely by Friday leaving it close to flat for the weekend. Next Tuesday a new ENE swell arrives, 4 feet at 9 seconds which will push it back up to chest high. 

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