Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1019
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 22, Issue 1021

Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 22, Issue #1020

PIC OF THE WEEK: This is one of the best reasons to be a surfer - watching sunsets from the lineup. Photo: Via de Agua

TIDES for January 23rd, 2021


High Tide: 6.43 feet at 10:42 a.m.
Low Tide: 2.44 feet at 4:29 p.m.

Full Moon - January 28th

Check out the 2021 Costa Rica tide charts!

National Forecast

Caribbean 3-5 ft. 4-6 ft. 5-7 ft. 6-8 ft. 6-8 ft. 5-7 ft. 3-5 ft.
North Pacific 4-6 ft. 4-5 ft. 3-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft.
South Pacific 3-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft.


Caribbean - The swells have been non-stop the last two weeks, at least chest high and then maxing at double overhead. This trend continues this week as another ENE swell (62 degrees) fills in and peaking at 8.2 feet at 9 seconds Thursday. Then it drops slowly but stays consistent until a bigger swell arrives next Sunday.

Pacific -  Fading WNW swell (1.6 ft at 15 seconds) and SW swell (2.5 feet at 14 seconds). Waves will drop from overhead to mostly chest high from leftover Southwest swell (2 feet at 12 seconds) and minimal WNW swell. The next strong SW arrives the first week of February.

Facebook and Video Favorites

Check out Pura Vida Board Gear on Instagram.  The design custom board socks out of Jaco and help support many community groups, including Jaco Impact. 

More Zalty Boyz action on the Caribbean. Check them surfing Playa Cocles on YouTube.

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Starting January 26th, the U.S. will require all international travelers to show a negative Covid-19 test upon their re-entry to the country. Find out the latest Covid-19 information including rules for travel insurance and places in Costa Rica to get tested in our special report (updated 1/23/21)

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The Best Waves in Costa Rica for Advanced Surfers


Costa Ballena Lifeguards - lifesaving boards

In January I brought down two lifesaving boards for the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association. The money for them were donated by locals and tourists. They hire five lifeguards to protect the beaches of Playa Hermosa de Uvita and Playa Dominical. Please consider making a donation to help keep this group afloat!

Book a trip through CRsurf and we will sponsor a tree in your name. Community Carbon Trees is a Costa Rica non-profit whose mission is to plant trees in Costa Rica and maintain them for four years using fairly paid local labor. They hire women to help make composted soil and host educational 'Tree Days' teaching kids about the rainforest and how to protect it. 


If you are looking to score some waves in Pavones, Surf Expedition has week long all-inclusive retreats with yoga, video analysis, and three delicious meals a day.

Vista Guapa will get you up and riding quickly with their expert instructors and high quality boards. They are the best place to relax just outside of Jaco. 

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Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 1/19 - The tides are moving into the early morning slot with perfect wind and conditions.  The swell has been jumping up and down from head high sets to double overhead with excellent shape.  This week/weekend looks good as the crowds come and go.  Saturday morning could be a zoo if it’s small so put on a party mood.



Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 1/19 - Tamarindo has been epic, all point breaks are activated since early January, 4-5ft some 6+ft waves, north winds just starting to become more consistent and water remains warm ( 24-26C), sunny most days.  Tamarindo's point breaks are the best breaks due to the swell direction ( mainly NWW), any mid tides will work the best and are usually less crowded, since beginners don't surf over the rocks.

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Surfing NosaraEli at - 1/22 - Beautiful sunny morning, with big and good waves and Onshore wind. The size is shoulder high to Couple Feet Overhead.

Check out for additional photos, further information about activities and upcoming events here in Playa Guiones. Stop by Surfing Nosara office and ask for Brayan or Eli, if you would like to book a private photo session or by any of our pictures.

South Nicoya Peninsula

Mal Pais Surf - 1/22 - This morning at 7 am waves were chest to head high with some overhead sets. Light off shore wind and mostly clear skies. 3-5 feet waves, new swell arriving, good waves and good conditions thru out most of the morning, looked quite fun. Swell hitting Santa Teresa and Mal Pais -  Primary Swell: 2.5 ft at 15 secs Direction: SW 213'. Secondary Swell: 0.8 ft at 18 secs Direction: SSW 199'

Jaco / Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 1/22 - SW/SSW Filling in For Some Fun Waves 3-5ft+ on Incoming High Tide Mid-Morning.

Locals Corner: Save The Waves has selected Playa Hermosa as the next World Surfing Reserve.   

 Now offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, Crossfit , healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.


esterillos-surf-reportEsterillos Oeste Surf Report - 1/19 - Waves today were very small 1-2 ft knee high with mushy conditions . With the high tide at 7 this morning was very weak conditions all around Esterillos looks like we are in for a small spell for the next few day with your best bet is try and get some small waves on the reef or hope for some incoming tide action early near the estuaries for a little more push. Beautiful summer time conditions and looks like a small bump up Saturday. 

Southern Pacific

Quepos/Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Surf SchoolLuis at Manuel Antonio Surf School - 1/21 - The waves in Manuel Antonio have been small these days. Wave height is around 1 to 3 feet but the condition got nicer with glassy waters and lower tides perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers,  the best spot to surf this weekend in Manuel Antonio is Playitas beach.


Steve at Jazzys River House - 1/20 - High tide morning session today was less than perfect but decent.  3-4' long shapely peaks with both sides working and even an occasional 5' wave for added spice.  Long intervals between sets and overall waves favored long boarders due to lack of steep faces.  Easy to paddle out - hard to drop in.  Common high tide problem at Dominical especially at full high tide.  Otherwise a fairly clean, fairly crowded morning with mostly sunny skies and brisk offshore.  Hermosa South and Dominicalito smaller but similar with fewer crowds as usual.  Much too small for Point action.

Come visit fine artist Ruby-Kim in her home studio/gallery to see her original 'Palm Part Art' collection and be sure to ask about her popular class - learn the ancient traditional crafts of weaving, plaiting, twining, sewing and painting.  See Steve for muscle aches and pains as his East/West massage therapy can be most helpful.  See Steve also for surf instruction and board rental, trade and sale.  Steve also offers yoga training and guitar lessons.  


Salsa Brava

caribbean surf costa ricaCedric at Zalty Boyz - 1/19 - Yesterday the waves were really good. I surfed Isla Uvita and it was 6 feet, not too big. Not perfect, but fun. Today the swell is bigger at Salsa Brava and there is a little crowd. Nice tubes. Playa Cocles is also good with a good towards the rivermouth. Good winds and glassy conditions with waves up to 8 feet predicted. Tomorrow it will smaller but it had stayed around 6 feet for the last two weeks. February should stay good, it is wave season.

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