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Welcome To The Live Your Yoga Mentorship Program  

by Amber Hagberg – Live Your Yoga Retreats

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The practice of yoga begins …. Right NOW. As you are. Where you are. The timing is perfect!!  Please read the following with mindfulness. This is yoga, bringing presence into all that you do. 

Our goals for the time we have together is very simple, here are our expectations: 

  1. You will have a complete guide for how you can take your physical yoga practice and the yogic philosophies off the mat and implement them into your day to day life.
  2. The platform will provide you each week with guided yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes to inspire you to move through your day with a yoga mindset from your own experience and embodied wisdom.
  3. Learn how to create and develop your own personal practice to incorporate into your daily morning routine to start the day off, from a place of connection to your highest self and deepest desires. 

What’s included in the Live Your Yoga Mentorship Program?

 1) 12 week online mentorship program 

My goal is to give you the road map into how you can bring what you learn and practice on the mat into your day to day life by breaking down 12 yoga philosophy themes:

  • Yoga Sutra 1; The time in now
  • 5 Yamas
  • 5 Niyamas
  • Leela; Divine Play
  • Weekly Journaling Prompts
  • 1 Guided asana, pranayama, and meditation weekly
  • Learn how you can create and develop your own personal practice! No longer need to rely on going to a class or youtube.
  • 10 tips for how to keep the momentum of a daily practice
  • How you can reduce your impact on the planet
  • How to be involved in your community as a leader
  • How to use your practice to best the best teacher you can for yourself and your students

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