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By Amber Hagberg

Back in 2012 I moved to Costa Rica. Every time someone asks me where I am from, I say the United States. They always insist on wanting to know where exactly. Unless you’re from the states, the chance of you knowing Iowa isn’t very high. I mean, it’s not New York, California, or Florida. And most of the time I am right. Clueless they are. I continue on with, “it’s a small little farm town full of pigs that eat corn in the either FREEZING cold or HEAT STROKE humidity Midwest.” But it’s also where my life began. 

I went to my first music festival, Bonaroo, fresh out of high school. Most kids who graduate high school head to college. My path was slightly different; however, it’s where I began to find mySelf. Through music, art, community, and connection – I started growing dreadlocks and following the best Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia cover bands, and Bluegrass music that existed back then for my time (2008). It’s what lead me to move to Colorado where I began my yoga teaching  career and fell in love with a man that introduced me to my second love and hobby – surfing – which eventually lead me to move to Dominical, just north of the southern Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

After moving to Costa Rica, my time became easily filled with teaching yoga, surfing, and doing yoga on the beach. The one thing I missed dearly though were the endless opportunities for live music and dancing that Colorado had. Except this one particular time of year. Maybe you have heard of it before? The music festival – Envision!

Literally, 15 minutes from my house. A music festival right off a tropical beach where you can watch the sunset before a night of dancing or catch a morning surf session before it gets too sunny. The days are filled with amazing workshops, yoga classes, educational talks, and more. The nights are filled with dancing, music, and art. The entire festival ground is filled with people who want to have a good time, be inspired, and create their best lives.

Envision Festival beach yoga

The Envision festival brings around 7000 people to this area I have called home for the last three years. As you can imagine, with that many people coming from all over the world – it brings all walks of life. The music line up is very diverse. Some of my favorite headliners in the previous years have been Rising Appalachia and Xavier Rudd! But others may want to tell you all about Clozee’s or Desert Dweller’s sunrise sets. (I’ll be snoring by then!) This year I can’t wait to catch Trevor Hall! I have seen him so many times in Colorado and I’m ecstatic to say he’s coming to the beach this year where the ocean meets the jungle! 

What I love most about Envision though is that it’s a music festival on the beach, full of yoga, art, sunsets and sunrises, surfing, art, community, and more. What completes my life – all in one place at the same time! Not only that, but the food vending area is PLASTIC FREE! Considering how waste single use plastic is, this warms my heart on so many levels. 

I love how music brings people together. I love the way music moves peoples’ bodies. I love the way music moves peoples’ hearts. I love how music brings you to the moment. 

Amber Hagberg - yoga instructor for Dominical and Uvita

About the author:

Amber Hagberg is a yoga teacher and beachin surf bum living in Costa Rica. She has found an ever-flowing freedom within this human body through the movement of yoga and surfing. She is committed to living a life full of what makes her continue to grow and feel more alive as she shares it with others. Check out her upcoming yoga teacher trainings, surf and yoga Retreats or follow her travels across the globe at / IG : @amberhagberg / or Facebook Page : Live your Yoga Retreats

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