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The time to rent your vehicle for the 10th Annual Envision Festival is NOW! We have been reserving car rentals for clients in Costa Rica since 2001 and so we know which rental companies have the best vehicles at the best price. And we know that the longer you wait to rent a car or SUV, the less inventory there will be and so the price will go up. Most vehicles were sold out – even the cars – about 3 weeks before Envision started. It is a popular month to travel, and 5000 more will be coming just to enjoy the music, art, yoga, and dance festival. Overall, we like Adobe, Alamo, and Vamos Car Rental the best. There are other good companies, but these in our experience have the best vehicles, service, and prices.

Adobe has a great inventory of vehicles and has an office in Uvita should there be any issues. Their prices are good, and CR Surf Travel Company gets a small discount on the price (5-15%) plus you get an extra driver for free. They also allow you to use your own credit card for the collision coverage, saving you another $6 to $8 per day (although you will have to pay a higher deposit – $2500 – as a hold on your card)

Best vehicle to rent – Hyundai Tucson Automatic (2-5 passengers) – $550.75 total with just the liability insurance (collision coverage is $47.56 more at $6.78/day).

Alamo also has an expansive inventory of vehicles and they have an office in Dominical. This makes it easier if you have to pick up or drop off a vehicle close the festival, or just don’t want to drive all the way from San Jose airport, which is a three hour trip. One thing with Alamo is they require you take their collision coverage, regardless if your credit card covers it. If something happens, you’ll be happy you have it, and with us you get a free extra driver, a lower deposit ($500), and free drop off if you rent more than three days.

Best vehicle to rent – Daihatsu Bego Automatic (2-4 passengers) – $607.30 with both liability and collision coverage.

Vamos Rental Car has the best prices, great service, and they let you use your credit card for collision coverage. They don’t have a lot of inventory though so they will sell out the soonest.

Best vehicle to rent – Daihatsu Bego Manual (2-4 passengers) – $391.30 with just liability insurance ($63 more for collision coverage at $9/day)

If you want the most coverage for your vehicle and feel it’s worth it to pay the extra money, all three companies have that option which lowers your deductible to $0 or $100 max and includes theft, broken windows, flat tires, and emergency road service. We are also here to assist at any time needed. So what are you waiting for? You need a car to explore the area around Uvita, and so now is the time to reserve one! And should something come up, you can always cancel with nothing charged, up to two weeks before the event. Contact us to make your reservation.

*Disclaimer – We are NOT affiliated with the Envision Festival in any way. CR Surf Travel Company is a licensed and insured travel agency based in the United States. We also have a second headquarters in Costa Rica near Dominical.


  1. Bill Brown says:

    Great article, love your comprehensive website and the vibe. Planning a surf safari with my son and am finding the care hire insurance aspect to be a bit confusing and hard to compare. I do have good credit card insurance and am looking to hire from San Jose mid April to Popoyo in mid May. 4 people, 2 surfers so need roof racks. Moe than happy to look at going with you guys.
    Theft and breakins seem to be an issue, even if nothing is visible I am reading.
    Would like to know what you suggest I should be looking to hire.

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