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[article and photography by freelance writer Simone Pownall]

Envision Festival on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific transforms jungle and beach into a utopia every February.  It’s a magical place where people gather for 4 days of: world music, workshops and talks about permaculture.
Where you can practice and learn yoga, meditation and simply just dance!

Envision Festival stage
There was something for everyone to enjoy and learn:

Family Fun

I went with my toddler, she loved the light shows projected onto the beautifully crafted stages.

Envision Festival family area

There were more families there this year. Mama’s everywhere with babies on their backs. They had a camping area for families and a play area with swings, climbing frames and kids workshops. So, while mums went surfing, the dads made the dream catchers!

Kids play area

Envision festival child


Artists are on site, creating amazing pieces right in front of you and there is a gallery which they open in the evening. I was lucky to go when Amanda Sage, a visionary and interdimensional artist gave a talk. She uses art as a tool for personal, spiritual, planetary growth and transformation. She said that each piece of artwork has evolved from that last one. She aims to inspire people to think and dream beyond their immediate capacity. She believes we are all artist in some form. She talked of her world-uniting ‘Peace Train’ which is one of her signature elements in her paintings. Amanda Sage is an inspiration and a beautiful force of nature, I am grateful to have met her.

Amanda Sage artist

Amanda Sage artist

Dancing, Playing and Dressing Up

I love people watching, and this is a great place to do it! There are so many talented fun and beautiful people here showing off and enjoying themselves.

Acro Yoga at Envision Festival

An Opportunity to Learn and Grow

Every year we are spoilt for choice with workshops and talks. My personal experience of this place (Envision and Costa Rica) is that it can help transform you in a matter of days. Shifting your perspective to another way of being. One that is inclusive of all and in alignment with the ocean and earth.

Envision Festival workshop

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