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Check out Pura Vida Board Gear on Instagram.  The design custom board socks out of Jaco and help support many community groups, including Jaco Impact. 

If you are looking for a quality used vehicles and a guarantee to buy back your purchase if you want, check out the Price Automotive Group facebook page for some of his latest deals. 

If you are looking for some amazing wave photography, check out the collections by Jim Gomez on Instagram.

He is one of our favorite photographers – Jonathan Aguero – on Instagram

Do you need some help with Social Media? Then talk to Tamsin at Salty Water Media. She specializes in dive and surf related businesses.

Yes, he’s just a kid, but Jemaya has been getting some great surf drone footage from all around Costa Rica. Check out his Instagram page and support the next generation of surfers.

Connecting Lives to the Ocean – check out @ONESEAORG Foundation on Instagram

Kate from Pura Vida Board Gear designs some awesome board bags and surf accessories. Check out her work on Instagram.

My favorite beachside bar/restaurant in Costa Rica – Tortilla Flats in Dominical on Instagram

Innoceana is an organization of ocean lovers that apply innovation and technology to protect our ocean. Visit their Facebook page to learn more. 

To see a powerful voice for women and sustainable development, check out the Instagram page for Tara at Tarantula Surf.

Our favorite female surfer in Pavones – Leilani McGonagle – on Instagram

Yes, there is a group for people like me – Surfers Over 40 – on Facebook

To know what is happening in Costa Rica’s National Parks, check out the Facebook page of Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC)

CREMA (Centro de Rescate de Especias Marinas Amenazadas) is the group we support each year as 1% for the Planet members. Read more about them on Facebook.

Visit Cahuita is a community group that is raising funds for families on the Caribbean coast to help them buy food. Check out their Facebook page to see how to help.

And to stay flexible for the next fortnight, check out our favorite Yoga Instructor Amber Hagberg’s Facebook group

Check the Costa Rica Health Department Facebook page for daily updates on the Covid-19 virus. 

Watch a Sloth have a baby right up in the rainforest canopy! Created by Steven Vela on Facebook.

Let’s welcome our new surf reporter from the Caribbean side, the Cahuita Experience Surf School.

Thank you for the community love given by Cafe Mono Congo in Dominical. They provide food for the lifeguards and the kids do beach cleanups every month, plus sponsor the dance program and many other programs. 

My favorite place to score organic fruit, fresh vegetables, locally crafted gifts, and live music – the Eco Feria in Dominical.

It’s time to Stop Plastic and Take Action! Join this Facebook group that posts petitions to sign that helps reduce our plastic use. 

If you are looking for a great gift for the holidays, check out It’s All Goode Crafts on Facebook. She makes custom Yeti travel mugs with any design you desire.

Not only is he one of the best surf photographers in Costa Rica, Tony Roberts now a Facebook page – TR Surfing – dedicated to surfing along the Guanacaste Coast. 

It’s time to Stop Plastic and Take Action – Facebook Group – Join Us!

Congratulations to Fundacion Green Heart, a Costa Rican non-profit that helps clean the beaches and forests, who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary.

Follow an all-women’s sailing voyage around the world on the eXXpedition led by Emily Penn, with a mission to educate the planet about plastic pollution.

If you are in the market for a new pet, check the local adoption agency first. There are some of the most adorable felines and canines in places like DAWG in Uvita.

October 20th, a walk for breast cancer in Tamarindo (Villarreal to Llanito) at 3:30pm to create awareness of breast cancer. 

Follow Carlos Muñoz on Facebook as he attempts to become the first Mens Surfer on the World Surf Tour. (Brisa Hennessy is the first overall on the Women’s side)

To see some of the most exotic creatures in Costa Rica, visit the Costa Rica Wildlife Facebook group.

Do you need to BUY or SELL a surfboard in Costa Rica? There is a Facebook group for that!

Check out the Vista Guapa Surf Camp Facebook page to see how fun it is to join them in Jaco.

Our friends at Dominical Waverider help out the local girls to learn to surf with the group Chicas con Proposito. Check their progress on Facebook.

Costa Rica is for the birds! Check out the most beautiful ones on the Association Ornitologica de Costa Rica group on Facebook 

He may be the first Men’s Costa Rican surfer on the World Tour, follow Carlos Muñoz on Facebook 

Congratulations to The Clean Wave, celebrating two years organizing beach cleanups and recycling programs in Tamarindo. Visit their Facebook page for their latest events.

Are you tired of plastic pollution? Here is a Facebook group dedicated to Taking Action to stop it!

If you looking for the best surfing photos in Costa Rica, visit Surfing Nation Magazine on Facebook.

Helping to protect Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica, this Facebook group has some great photos!

The Facebook group Vecinos de Playa Hermosa has updates on Mike Price, who was hospitalized last week and needs our support.

CREMA protects Costa Rica sea turtles, and they just discovered one that swam all the way from Costa Rica to Mexico, more than 4000 km. Read the story on their Facebook page.

The Clean Wave is organizing beach cleanups around Tamarindo and are bringing in lots of volunteers. To get involved, contact them through Facebook.

Do you want to be my neighbor? Check out Costa Rica Southern Zone Long Term Rentals on Facebook

If you want to see some classic surf photos and memories, check out SURFER DUDES on Facebook.

If you are wondering what’s happening around Tamarindo, check out their Chit Chat page on Facebook

If you are headed to Santa Teresa, a great group to join is What’s On in Santa Teresa on Facebook.

If you are looking for an amazing surf photographer, check out the images from Tony at Via de Agua on Facebook

Puedo Nadar is a new group that is teaching the kids from Hatillo, Dominical, and Dominicalito how to swim. I hope that other groups get formed around Costa Rica.

One of my favorite restaurants in Costa Rica, with three locations in Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and Dominicalito – The Bar Jolly Roger – check the specials and Sporting events on Facebook

Reserva Playa Tortuga has workshops for kids to learn about the coastal ecosystem and volunteer programs to help monitor sea turtle nests.

If you looking for a environmental superhero, visit the Facebook page of Carolina Sevilla, founder of the #fiveminutebeachcleanup.

Operation Rich Coast works with other non-profits around Costa Rica to keep our oceans and beaches clean. Check them out on Facebook.

Costas Verdes has successfully reforested some of the beaches of Costa Rica and continues on their pursuit to bring back indigenious plants benefiting Costa Rica in many ways. Learn more

Tatiana Weston Surfing Snapper Australia

Here you go…James Mckean | Video Tim Bonython Watch on Facebook

Here are some comments:

This invention will save lives: Introducing the REMOTE CONTROL LIFE PRESERVER. Check it out!

Pavones Wave last March 2016

Facebook Photo album of the Copa HOOKD – Dominical 2017 taken by photographer Alfredo Barquero

Fun New video by Surfing Republica to introduce the Kölbi National Circuit that starts this weekend In Dominical. View Post here

“Flying over Portugal”.
The last production in video of the German-Tico Leon Glatzer.

Leon Glatzer Flying over Portugal video.

Tom Dosland’s free fall at Jaws Video by Bruno Lemos. OUCH!

Watch here

Tom Dosland free-fall video by Bruno Lemos

Was that a UFO or Meteor Flying over Turrialba Volcano on Dec 27th 2016?
Read more

12/17John John Florence’s insane alley-oop from earlier today. Watch Video

Video by Peter King Photography

What no more chemo? Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974!
Learn more

Enter to win

Win a Jungle Jam Tickets 2017

Surfing Magazine’s October’s Top 10 was solid. Enjoy. Watch on Facebook

surf mags top10

“I had no idea that this opportunity was going to go so soon, I thought the truth that I was going to take a couple of more years. I’ve been pre-selected for the juniors and that was very good to me “.
“but now that I’m here, I’m going to give the best of my… I’m going with all the Centroamérica Surfing Games 2016“.
– Lia Hermosa Diaz, selected national under 16 female.

No Waves? No problem…(Hydrofoil Surfing) … Watch it now

no waves? no problem

Surfing with Dolphins – Nothing in life is better. Watch here

You won’t believe how this dolphin throws himself on top of this ‘ Grom ‘.
Amazing. Check it out on Facebook

Surfers in Jaco got a couple of huge visitors on morning..Check it out

SEA STATE: Surf trips for college credit! The purpose of our trips are to not only provide memorable and life changing experiences, but also to transfer skills necessary for our alumni to enhance their compassion, global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and marketability for our globalized world. Learn more

Caminos de Osa – Is an initiative, that began 2 years ago, from an alliance between SINAC, INOGO, and RBA CRUSA Foundation, to help the locals create eco-tourism businesses, mostly family run, in the rural destination on the Osa Peninsula. This way the locals can make a living from the preservation of the Osa Penisula vs from the exploition of it. Find them on Facebook here

Upward Spirals is a free resource for all those interested in wellness & eco-friendly activities, events, workshops and eco-related certifications here in Costa Rica. LIKE page here

Superheros do exist! It has been discovered that humpback whales are the “Superheroes of the Sea”
Learn more

Osa Conservation – Conserving Costa Rica’s Natural Treasures. Learn more

Federación de Surf de Costa Rica facebook’s photo album of INS ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2016.

94 great photos of today’s ceremonies. Check out all the surf teams from around the world here.

ISA World Surfing Games 201616 year old Surf Photographer Taylar Marie of Munn Productions has a real talent. Check out her latest photos on her facebook page here

Please support the “London against the Dolphin Massacre Superpod” going on in Taiji Japan. LIKE page

Pro photographer Jalil el Harrar, owner of www.naturfotografie-costa-rica.de, put together some stellar shots he took last weekend of the
Huck n Hack contest – Check out his photo album on facebook.

Surfability is a Community Interest Company that provides surfing experiences for people with disabilities. LIKE their page to support their cause.

Costa Rica Hydroponics-Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture. Check them out.

Project AWARE Foundation – Protecting the Ocean One Dive at a Time:

BROWN GIRL SURF – Dedicated to fostering a diverse, alternative women’s surf community in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. Facebook page here

brown girls can surf

Copa Beach Cup – Photo album of Guiones 2016. Check out surf contest here

Check out the Costa Rican Fruit Festival Group. We like what the ar up to – Find out more here

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance working for a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, the ocean and the environment. Check Out

Costa Rica Surf Guide (App) – Learn about it here

Tamarindo Art Wave is the Arts Festival of Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, created by Tamarindo Arts Foundation. First Date: June 16th to 18th – LIKE page

Peace Corps Costa Rica’s Mission is to work in partnership with people and organizations in Costa Rica through well trained and well supported Volunteers to promote sustainable solutions in the areas of Youth Development, Community Economic Development, and Teaching of English as a Foreign Language as we promote the dignity of people and their capacity to improve their own lives. Check them out on Facebook

DIY Surfboard! The surf industry is not immune to disruptive technologies. The latest being a co-operative out of Amsterdam called Westkust – Dutch for west coast – who design fins and cardboard blanks using open source technology. Read more on Facebook

New Hobiecat Mirage Eclipse is now on the market. This is taking the SUP world by storm. No paddles necessary as it is propelled by stair-stepping. Watch on Facebook

Living Green & Frugally facebook page is full of organic gardening and permfarming tips, great upcycling projects, and innovative ideas to help you live a bountiful life on less while being mindful of your footprint. Read more

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret: It is a groundbreaking feature length environmental documentary, following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. Learn more here

Project Save Our Surf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our oceans and freshwater, and to the preservation of marine life. We are surfers, celebrities, friends, families and businesses who use many different strategies LIKE page here

Facebook community pages dedicated to Brazilian girls and women who are passionate about surfing and its lifestyle. LIKE page here

Programa Bandera Azul Ecologica(Costa Rica) – “The Blue Flag” is an Ecologica distinction that is awarded annually. It promotes healthy competition and community organization for the benefit of present and future generations. Learn more

Waves for Water – Check out how this surfer is saving millions of lives. Read more

Have you seen the Onean’s Carver? It is an electric surf board that you have to see to believe – Check it out

Since 2005 “Every Digit” has grown into a valuable resource guide that includes many businesses and services throughout Costa Rica, in addition to, useful tips and information about life in Costa Rica. They are now online!

The most recent production of the current leader of the national circuit kölbi. Anthony Fillingim running perfect waves in Santa Teresa. Watch on Facebook

Amazing new invention: A Bottle that Turns Air into Water. Check it out

Waves for Water is a non-profit organization that works on the frontline providing aid and clean water solutions to communities in need around the world. LIKE page

EcoWatch is an excellent leading environmental website reporting on environmental news, green living and sustainable business. LIKE page

Our top video on Facebook this week. This girl should be a surfer, she has some great skills on a skateboard. Watch her go

Great Cause: Waves for Water is a non-profit organization that works on the frontline providing aid and clean water solutions to communities in need around the world. Like their Facebook page

Reef in Hawaii are becoming bleached at an alarming rate as proof by this 360 degree comparison video taken in over just the last several months by WWF. Check it out here on Facebook

The Ocean River Institute helps communities create their own ORI in their area to effectively deal with each area’s specific needs to collectively help save our earth’s waters. These local ORI groups/partners are then connected to the resources donated and expertise to accomplish their environmental goals. LIKE them on Facebook And start your own group today with their help.

Turtle Island Restoration Network – You will be impressed with what they have accomplished so far. Please support their cause. LIKE their page

At Empowering Animals we specialize in silicone “cause” wristbands to promote and support animal welfare. 100% of the profits support animal charities! Visit them on Facebook

Surfability is a Community Interest Company that provides surfing experiences for people with disabilities.LIKE their page to support their cause.

Shark Angels Facebook Page: Through positive education, media and grassroots outreach, Shark Angels are changing the future for sharks. We are a next generation of shark conservationists working independently and as a global network of angels to bring about postitive ocean and environmental change. Sharks need all the guardian angels as they can get.

The Black Mambas is the first of its kind, being that the majority of our teams are women. Anti-Poaching is a major need in the area. We are constantly plagued by rhino poachers and bush-meat poachers. The Black Mamba APU search and destroy poacher’s camps, wire-snares and bush-meat kitchens every day. Aerial support, specialist dogs, early detection and rapid response is all that stands between the wildlife and poachers. Help us to win the fight!. LIKE their page.

ADAPTIVE SURF PROJECT – We give surfers with disabilities surfboards and establish networks of surfers who will take them surfing. Learn more here

Momentum for Change – This project provides rural women with the skills to become ‘green technology agents,’ who sell clean technologies that help combat climate change. Momentum for Change is building fast. LIKE page today

ambientaDOS began in March 2009 with a position paper collection in La Sabana. Today has a presence in seven provinces, and went to collect 20 tons a month to reach almost 200 per month, with an average of 32 collection sites.
Check Facebook page for monthly recycle dates and locations.

Fotografias antiguas de Costa Rica [Check out Costa Rica back-in-the-day] Facebook page

Save The Waves is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment, with an emphasis on the surf zone, and educating the public about its value. Click Here to LIKE ‘ Save The Waves Coalition’ to support what they are doing for our planet.

OFFICIAL BETHANY HAMILTON FAN PAGE! www.bethanyhamilton.com – Her official Facebook Fan page

Costa Rica history in photos. El Caribe tambien – Fotografias antiguas de Costa Rica on Facebook

#?BREAKING? Thunder Captain And Officers Face Justice In The Wake Of Operation Icefish!

In Memory of Buttons Kaluhiokalani
Buttons Kaluhiokalani is commonly known as the father of modern day surfing but he was a Father and a grandfather too his children as well as anyone who needed one. “Hau’oli la makukane – Aloha & Onipa’a” – LIKE this page

Undersea Hunter Group is based in Costa Rica and operates dive expeditions on board the live-aboard vessels Undersea Hunter, Sea Hunter, and Argo with the DeepSee Submersible. Since 1990 the company has focused these voyages to the remote Cocos Island, located some 300 nautical miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. These vessels also operates some expeditions to the equally exotic Colombian Island, Malpelo.

Check them out on facebook – Under Sea Hunter (See travel section for more on this company)

Jaguar Rescue Center is a non profit animal rescue center (Facebook) in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, specializing in orphaned & injured jungle babies like monkeys and sloths. They give two guided tours everyday except Sunday.

If you are an Expat in Costa Rica you will want to join this group: “Buy Sell Costa Rica Expats: Gringos, Canadians, Europeans

Community Carbon Trees – they are always hard at work saving Costa Rica’s jungles through their reforesting program Facebook

Photos from the first day of the Circuito Creatures Pro in Tamarindo by Surfing Nation Magazine on Facebook

The Robert August Surf and Turf Charity Challenge has their Facebook event page live here.

Dan Jenkins, Jr. has been capturing the top surf talent in Costa Rica for years. Check his Facebook page for the latest pics.

And covering the Caribbean during the last big swell, check out the galleries by Esteban Delgado on Facebook.

And to see the latest surf photos by Marta Castro from Puerto Viejo, visit Tequila’s page on Facebook.

The next world champ – Serena Nava – she rips!! Check out her athlete page on Facebook

Do you need a job in Costa Rica. Uvita 360 is hiring! Check their Facebook page for details.

Check out the 2014 Costa Rica Surfing Awards event on their Facebook page

For cool souvenirs and local tour offerings in Dominical, check out Deep Forest on Facebook

To catch the best photography in Santa Teresa, visit the Facebook page of Carlos Palacios

Check the results and photos from the 3rd stop of the Puerto Viejo Open Pro on the Facebook page.

Don’t forget the Costa Rica Surfing Awards taking place on December 17th. Check their event page on Facebook.

Better than a video, it’s the new Surfos Magazine, digitally available on ISSUU

Carlos Palacios is posting some amazing surf photography on Facebook. Get your daily dose of Santa Teresa perfection here.

If you need to go on a fun, relaxing, surf filled trip to Santa Teresa, check out Pura Vida Adventures Facebook page for inspiration.

Photos from the ACOS Kids Surf Contest held in Pavones last month on Facebook.

For a good laugh, check out the REGGAE SHARK music video on Facebook.

Avellanas Surf Photos has some great shots of local and visiting surf talents on Facebook.

Local Puerto Viejo legend Tequila Schieber has been scoring nearly empty waves on the Caribe coast.

Salvemonos had an amazing fundraiser to help the howler monkeys on the Nicoya Peninsula. See photos from the event on their Facebook page.

Tuanix magazine focuses on Costa Rica action sports has a great shot of CRsurf team rider Jossue Venegas. Check it on Facebook

Good luck to Carlos Muñoz as he heads to France and then back to California for the Hurley Pro

Check out this video of Cali and friends on YouTube put out by Surfing Republica

The Ministry of Health has created this unique page on Facebook to help fight the outbreak Dengue

The Facebook page of one of my favorite surfers on the CNS and a friend – Jair Perez – who recently volunteered to plant trees in Playa Hermosa with Costas Verdes.

Follow their achievements of the Quepos Bodyboarding Team on Facebook.

Visit Del Mar Surf Camp’s Facebook page to see their student’s learn to surf in paradise.

Check out S Surfboards Limon on Facebook for some Caribbean style sticks

Leon Glatzer from Pavones has a new Facebook page showcasing his talent. Visit it here.

Check out the photos from the 4th SUP Event held in Bahia Ballena on Facebook

Read the Second Issue of Nosara Shack’s digital magazine on ISSUU.

Check out photos from Day 1 of the Copa Fox in Jaco on Federacion de Surf’s Facebook page

Check the photos from the Circuito Guanacasteco final contest in Playa Negra on Facebook

Check out Day 1 of the Copa Unit, held in some giant Santa Teresa surf, photos by Surfing Nations Magazine

Our friends at Uvity 360 Tours have partnered with Pack for a Purpose to bring gifts to families in Ballena. Check their page on Facebook. They also have a cool intro video on You Tube

My new favorite Latina singer, Danay Suarez, on Facebook (she is like the Lauryn Hill of Cuba)

If you like Reggae Music, check out these downloads from Malfred (from Tanzania!) on Reverb Nation.

A favorite Costa Rica surf photographer, check out Esteban Delgado’s latest videos on his Facebook page.

Planned development at Pavones may put wave access in jeopardy. Find out more here on Facebook

The Inertia – publishing intelligent surf journalism features how Coco Ho stays in surfing shape on Facebook

Surfing Nations Magazine shared their photos from the 2nd Surftech SUP tour date in Tamarindo on Facebook.

Check out the photos from the Circuito Guanacasteco contest in Marbella from Surfing Nations Magazine on Facebook.

Thank you to Lime Coral Clothing for sponsoring the Caribbean Classic and the next generation of Costa Rican surfers.

La Ponderosa Pavones is hosting yoga retreats in February. Check out their Facebook page for details.

If you are looking for daily photos of the Caribe coast, check PuraLifePhotography on Facebook

See photos here from the second contest of the Circuito Guanacasteco on FACEBOOK thanks to Surfing Nations Magazine.

A picture perfect Costa Rica Surf Trip photo album by yours truly. See how I roll, on Facebook.

Alvaro Solano was just featured on Teletica for his crossing of the Gulf of Nicoya.

MarViva is a Costa Rica environmental group that is helping to protect our oceans.

Camelo Bikinis will be hosting a bodyboarding day on September 22nd in Jacó, calle Hidalgo.

Great Facebook page for Pavones with lots of photos and video by Matt ‘PavonesHotShotz’

Check out some top Costa Rica surf shots by pro photographer Fabian Sanchez on Surfing Nation Magazine‘s Facebook page.

Please join the facebook group END WILDLIFE ELECTROCUTIONS IN COSTA RICA, and sign the petition here.

Check out Photos on Facebook from the Quiksilver Cup, shot by Alfred Barquero – LINK

The Robert August Surf and Turf Event raised over $25,000 for CEPIA, a non-profit helping kids living near Tamarindo. See pics from their fundraisers on their Facebook Event page.

The Volcano Brewing Lodge is going to having food and drink specials throughout Semana Santa.

Find out the details on their Facebook page.

Vea el mundo de Esteban Delgado – fotografo professional – en Facebook.

From Las Tortugas Hotel: “Yei and Brittany hosted Big Tony and the Volcom crew at the Taco Star this weekend. The party was a big success with international and local stars and fun was had by all. The hotel’s local BarBQ star, Sandra, (wo)manned the grill. Some enjoyed the great surf and everyone enjoyed the free beer and food. Tony made sure everyone felt welcome.” Check out the pictures on the Facebook.

H2OGoSouth is our new surf reporter for Witchs Rock, here is their Facebook page

Some more great shots on Facebook from the Caribbean Circuito event in Playa Cocles by Adrenaline Rush CR.

Photos by Alfredo Baquero from the Lime Coral Caribbean Pro last weekend on Facebook.

If you are chilly, this Facebook page will heat you up quickly, muchas chicas bellas!

IseeItravel is the media group working on the video documentary for the Osa Peninsula – 2.5%

Our friend Salsiboy is hosting another contest in Playa Hermosa. Check him out on Facebook.

Awesome idea!! Puerto Viejo Ride Share on Facebook, if you need a ride to the Caribbean side.

The National Lifeguard Association of Costa Rica has instructions showing what to do in case of an earthquake on Facebook.

Movie Night Invite from Villas Rio Mar in Dominical on Facebook

Monocafe Skimboards has pics from the latest Skim Jam in Playa Prieta on Facebook

Maki Style Surf Photo sessions in Pavones and on Facebook

If you are against oil drilling, here is your Facebook page. Every vote counts – don’t forget it!

Waves Costa Rica is looking for a surf embassador that lives near San Jose, CR. Check their flyer for details on Facebook.

Photos from the ISA World Masters contest in Nicaragua – by Matos Films on Facebook

Christian Surfers Tamarindo Facebook page – check out the contest this weekend!

Bomber Eyewear posted a gallery of the 2012 Hermosa Pro by Camacho Productions on Facebook

Inspiring Surf Artist Heather Brown on Facebook

Costa Rica history in photos. El Caribe tambien – Fotografias antiguas de Costa Rica on Facebook

If you like the Surf and Reggae lifestyle in Costa Rica, check out the Sobre Las Olas Facebook page

If you need some Pavones threads, visit Latin Attitude’s Facebook page

Nosara Shack has posted a great album from the recent local contest in Playa Guiones on Facebook

Nosara Surf Team on Facebook

The Playa Cocles Lifeguard Program is on Facebook

ARCAE (Asociacion Red Costarricense para el Ambiente y Educacion) is on Facebook

And to save your body, mind, and spirit, visit Horizon Yoga Center in Santa Teresa on Facebook

On Facebook, check out profressional Tico photographer – Esteban Delgado

With a perfect 10 in his last four contests, now may be the time to join the Carlos Munoz Facebook fan page.

Check out the Isla del Coco Facebook page, working to save our oceans from over fishing and pollution

And if you want to learn more about how to protect our planet, check out ECOVIDA’s Facebook page (in Spanish)

Protecting your surf breaks, especially the special ones like Pavones – Save The Waves on Facebook

Visit the Facebook page of the Asociacion de Surf MalPais for updates on their January contest

If you are against oil drilling, Hands Across the Sand’s Facebook page has the facts to back you up.

Still looking for a last minute gift? How about a new Carton Surfboard, here on Facebook?

Waves Costa Rica Surf School and Adventures – in Tamarindo and on Facebook

Island Hoppers is a surf travel television series that visits the islands of the Caribbean. Visit their Facebook page

The Costa Rica Tourism Institute is giving away 100 trips to Costa Rica. Sign up to win on Facebook!

Read about Andrea Diaz’s account of her experience at the ISA World Masters Surf Championships in El Salvador on Facebook

Villas Rio Mar photo contest on Facebook. Post a photo and get the most likes to win two nights free plus a 50% discount on food during your stay.

The official Facebook event page for the 1st Annual Costa Rica Skim Jam – Sept. 25th in Playa Hermosa

Win a free stay at Vista de Olas in Mal Pais, just send in a photo for their contest on Facebook

Another beautiful place to stay, Villas Rio Mar, will be on Destinos TV on 9/17 at 1 p.m. on Channel 7 – Teletica

Our friend Graham at Nosara Shack keeps posting great photos on Facebook

So does Justin Gillis and Rafa Sandoval ~ isn’t Facebook awesome?

Costa Rica SkimFest 2011 – in September – vote for the location on their Facebook Group

Sea turtles in the Osa Peninsula need your help!

Sea turtle nesting season is here and we need your help to ensure the survival of these critically endangered animals! With one modest donation, you can help tag, monitor and track a turtle, enabling us to better protect them through science and educational outreach. With your help, we can reach our goal of $4,000! Follow this Facebook link to donate and spread the word.

If you are going to Costa Rica to skimboard, check out the Skim CR Facebook page first.

Costa Rica Surf Institute have been posting surf videos from Tamarindo on their Facebook page

Ace surf photographer Tony Roberts let me know the new REVISTA SURF is out!

Dominical Lifeguards hosting a surf and lifeguard contest on April 22nd! Facebook or Flyer

Camping Treehouse Gardens in Nosara on Facebook – location of the 4/20 Skate contest!

Nasional Skateboards on Facebook, supporting the Pavones Bowl Contest on April 17th

Some AMAZING SURF SHOTS from the Quiksilver Cup last weekend, thanks to Nosara Shack on Facebook

Joel Harper’s book that teaches kids why it’s important not to litter – All the Way to the Ocean – is going to be made into an animated movie! Guest voices include Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater.

Totem Hotel in Playa Cocles has some great pics shared from recent travelers on Facebook

Thanks to Tiger for posting a link to our favorite Lowtide Lounge in Esterillos on Facebook

You can see other videos and posts by WipeOut Films here on their Facebook page

Tamarindo Recycles is on Facebook, so you can see what’s on their eco-calendar every month.

Extended Facebook video of the Reef Latin Pro contest back in December in Santa Teresa by Mor Surf Videos

Safari Surf School had a local surf contest this weekend, and Nosara Shack put a few photos on Facebook

Skimboard Festival in Punta Leona – Event posted on Facebook for January 16th

Facebook invite for the Reef Classic Pro in Santa Teresa on Dec. 6th-8th

Facebook invite for the 2nd Anniversary Jungle Fever party at the Adelante Restaurant south of Uvita

Find out when’s the next Santa Teresa Surf Contests on Facebook

Check out the Costa Rica Reef Classic Event on Facebook and see the World Miss Reef Final on YouTube

Gilbert Brown’s Caribe Restaurant in Jaco now has its own Facebook page.

For a daily photo surf report from Nosara, why not link up with Nosara Shack’s Facebook page.

Villas Rio Mar in Dominical helps to keep their beach clean by organizing monthly cleanups.

You care about your oceans, waves, and beaches? Join Surfrider on Facebook.

Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica’s Facebook page

Nosara Shack – daily vids, photos, and reports from Nosara on Facebook

Playa Esterillos Community Info Site & Blog on Facebook

El Point 911 Reporte de Surf – Radio Dos surf report on Facebook

Highlights from the 2009 ISA World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa – Wipeout Films – on Facebook

Photo Album by MPAZ on Facebook from the 2010 Luz de Vida Challenge in Santa Teresa

Carton Surfboards on Facebook – always posting the latest surf contest news

See all the fun happening at Witchs Rock Surf Camp on Facebook

Join Hands Across the Sand on June 26th to protest offshore oil drilling. Click for worldwide locations.

Dominical is trying to fight crime by sharing information on criminal activity, check them out on Facebook

Our new sponsors – Del Mar Surf Camp – has a great Facebook Page

Facebook Event – Sign up and pledge not to buy BP gas until they pay to clean up the spill in the Gulf.

Sky Truth Blog – To get facts on the Gulf spill, not what is ‘leaked’ by BP to the media. 26,500 barrels/day?

Still a favorite.. Daily Surf Pics from Dominical Photos on Facebook

Team Surf Contest in Santa Teresa on May 8th – $150 in prizes – Poster on Facebook

Check out Fabian Sanchez’s Best photos from the CNS contest in Santa Teresa – Gallery

Check out Dje Surf Photos for cool surf shots from Santa Teresa on Facebook

Are you going to the Quiksilver Cup in Santa Teresa this weekend? Sign up for the event on Luz de Vida’s Facebook page.

Join the Pretoma.org Facebook page

The CNS on Facebook.

Facebook photos of Dominical Surfers

Cabinas La Ponderosa on Facebook

Rich Coast Diving showcases some of Carlos Hiller’s Underwater Art on Facebook.

Daily surf photos of Dominical by Rancho Tortuga Photography

Que Nivel in Dominical, with lots of photos of the area

Tropical Adventures on Facebook is raising funds to build a school on the Caribbean.

See pics from the Witchs Rock Surf Camp Christmas Party on Facebook.

Safari Surf School’s Facebook Page

See the newest creations from Carton Surfboards on Facebook.

Corazones Unidos – helping make Los Pargos – Playa Negra a better place.

Green Iguana Surf Camp on Facebook

Jose’s Crocodile River Tour MySpace page.

Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa MySpace page

Good Morning Pavones Facebook page

Help find Michael Dixon Facebook page

Surf For Life is a not-for-profit organization designed to connect surfers with community service activities to create impact at an international level. The mission of the organization is to channel the interest and energy of individual surfers into teams that travel internationally to various project sites where they can experience world class waves while serving as hands-on volunteers. They will be in Puerto Viejo in 2010.

Costa Rica Surf Schools on Facebook: Zopilote Surf Camp, School of the World, Jaco Surf School, Waves CR

Tropical Adventures on You Tube and Facebook

Tamarindo Film Festival 2010 – Facebook Group

School of the World in Jaco has a Facebook page with their student’s photo galleries.

Project AWARE Facebook page – Divers Conserving Underwater Environment

Facebook page for Amigos de Costa Rica

Surfos Magazine on Facebook

Myspace Group for Surfing in Costa Rica – led by Jack of Third World Productions

Allan Weisbecker – love him or hate him, he’s still a good writer

Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa

Turtle Beach Lodge in Tortuguero

Safari Surf School and Blue Surf Sanctuary – Intro Video

EcoTicos – Researching Sustainable Development of Terraba Sierpe Mangroves on the Osa Peninsula

Call for Love – Clothing company with intentions of improving lives

Agua Azul – Surf Charters in Nosara

Sharkwater – Watch to see why Sharks are an important part of our ecosystem and need to be protected.

Chronicle – Reggae Band booking gigs around the world – Big up!!

Surf and Snow Mag – My favorite online mag for Women’s Surfing and Snowboarding

Allan Weisbecker – Yes, even the Cosmic Bandito has his own MySpace page

Shaka Surf Camp – All inclusive jungle surf camp in Playa Hermosa (north of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais)

Spanish for Success – Friend Russ helping international travelers with learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Bob Marley’s Myspace Page – It IS 4-20 today….

Radio Mal Pais – tunes for the southern Nicoya

Reciclar Hermosa – a grass-roots recycling program benefiting the local community

Imaging Foundation – uses images and media to educate, IMPACT, and call us all to action. It’s your ocean!


If you are looking for an amazing surf photographer, check out the images from Tony at Via de Agua on Facebook

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