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His recent concert in November 2018 raised over $2600 for the Nosara Security Association. 

Garret Dutton, affectionately known as G-Love to his fans around the world, has a soft spot in his heart for Nosara and Playa Guiones. He has been going there since 1998 and for the past 4 or 5 years. He’s been headlining the ‘nosara acoustic roots jam,’ an annual benefit show which takes place the weekend after thanksgiving. For 2019 and beyond, his focus is turning this event into the ‘Nosara Acoustic Roots Festival’ which ideally not only helps raise funds for the community but potentially bring in more artists and grows the event. The past couple of years the Nosara Security Association has been the designated beneficiary and the funds generated from this event is helping fund camera systems, private security initiatives, and improvements for the local police building. He has performed with other national and international groups in order to raise money for local community groups. This year it was the Nosara Security Association, whose mission is protecting the residents of Playa Guiones, Nosara, and Playa Pelada from crime.


G-Love mentions in his interview with owner Rich Burnam that he loves to come with his son and surf in the area because “this town grows in a responsible nature-centric and vibe-centric manner.  It’s a special town because of the community – keeping the beaches clean, protecting the environment, and not bringing in a bunch of big developments.”

This year the opening performances were Jeff White from Tamarindo, Nic and Jon Jon from Nosara, the Pelada Dogs, and Costa Rican reggae group – Ojo de Buey. The show was sponsored by Surfing Nosara, and had help from volunteers Betsy Chavarria,Cesar Pizzy, Kyle Bombard, Belén Nanoha, Etienne Verbij, Marijú Rovira, and the Nosara Bomberos.

To hear more about G-Love’s experience in Nosara, plus how he got started as a musician, and his surfing adventures with the Malloy brothers, Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater, watch the video on Rich Burnam’s YouTube channel –

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