Where to Surf Around Manuel Antonio and Quepos

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This article has been written for Quepolandia, a local magazine showcasing the best places to stay and play around Quepos and Manuel Antonio. For April, May, and June, these months are some of the best of the year for swells and quality wave conditions. The reason is the Southern Hemisphere is going towards their winter, when powerful South and Southwest swells plow across the Pacific and send big long period swells to the Costa Rica coastline. Meanwhile it is still ‘summer’ here, when the winds are offshore for a longer part of the day and the rains are limited to the afternoons or evenings.

About two thirds of the time the waves will be big, so where do you go? If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, you should check out the Quepos rivermouth, a long left breaking wave that works best at lower tides. Also you could drive about 80 minutes north to Boca Barranca, another long left that works at low tide. Or you can drive an hour south past Dominical to Dominicalito, which has a protected bay and the waves are smaller. This break works at lower tide.

Quepos Rivermouth – bigger than it looks from the parking lot

If you want the bigger waves, then the closest spot is Playitas, at the north end of the beach in Manuel Antonio. This wave breaks best at high tide and has rights and lefts. Or another great high tide break is Dominical, which has some great sand bars near its rivermouth. And Isla Damas ten minutes north of Quepos is known to have an amazing barreling left, but takes a boat or jetski to get there. One of my favorite spots is Esterillos Oeste 40 minutes north, which has big, more slopey waves that can break up to a half mile from shore. This spot is amazing for SUPs and longboarders who want big surf and works at both high and low tide. And it does offer a more hollow inside break for shortboarders at high tide when there is some size.

There are a few secret spots, too, and of course other perfect peaks that take longer than an hour to reach. But to find quality waves when it is either big or small, you don’t have to travel that far. Check CRsurf.com for the latest forecasts and tide charts for the whole year.


  1. Brewster Briggs says:

    Thanks for the info. I am an advanced surfer and am traveling with my family there…I’m looking to rent a floaty 7″4- 9’0 board…depending on the surf. Any rental spot recommended?

    • Greg Gordon says:

      Hi Brew, I am glad to got to talk on the phone. Just to post – Manuel Antonio Surf School has some quality boards to rent. There are spots on the beach, but the quality of boards are not that great.

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