SeafariCR surf photo
Tamarindo Surf Report from Seafari CR – January 6, 2019

Northern Nicoya Peninsula


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 12/22 - Tamarindo's waves are lit by the NNW swell and the offshore winds, 2-3ft on the best sets, very consistent and fast rides at the River Mouth, also the point breaks are working at its best within the mid tides.  Inside line up is busy with all the surf schools and beginners, other spots are reserved for more advanced surfers. On shore wind gets on around 10am until 3:30pm

Ostional was full on with heavy 3ft hollow waves, not crowded and light off shore until mid morning. (Picture below)
 “Basics of Surf” is an entry level program with a 1 to 1 instructor/student ratio, whether 4 or 7 days; 2 hour progressive lessons and one surf trip. ISA certified instructors. 
The chase is on in Tamarindo! How does it work ? It's easy ...

Each week participants buy tickets , (2,000 col each) The funds from ticket sales are divided into three parts. CEPIA gets 50%, the winner of the weekly draw gets 20%, 30% goes into the jackpot. The ticket winner also draws a card from a deck of playing cards and wins the accumulated jackpot IF the ace of spades is drawn. If not, the reduced deck is kept for the following week's game, and the jackpot rolls over to the next week. Check for details on Facebook

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