Leilani McGonagle from Pavones surfing in Chile
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 19, Issue #939
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 19, Issue #941

PIC OF THE WEEK: A heavenly view of Pavones - Photo: Colin Brier - UnaOla.com

TIDES for November 12th, 2018


Low Tide: .41 feet at: 11:47 a.m.
High Tide: 8.23 feet at: 6:06 p.m.
(add ~50 min. each day)

Full Moon - November 22nd

National Forecast

Caribbean3-4 ft.3-5 ft.2-4 ft.2-3 ft.2-3 ft.2-4 ft.2-4 ft.
North Pacific4-6 ft.4-5 ft.3-4 ft.2-4 ft.2-3 ft.3-4 ft.3-4 ft.
South Pacific5-6 ft.4-5 ft.3-4 ft.2-4 ft.3-4 ft.4-5 ft.4-5 ft.

Caribbean - A 8.1 foot ENE swell (61 degrees) with a 8 second period maxes Tuesday afternoon with some head high surf and then fades through Friday leaving waist high surf for the weekend.
Pacific - A 4 foot SSW swell with a 14 second period gives Monday 1-2 feet overhead surf but it drops off Tuesday and Wednesday leaving chest to head high waves Thursday. It stay about the same size through the weekend with a couple of bigger set, but no major increase in swell until past Thanksgiving.

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Envision Festival Debuts a Scintillating 2019 Music Lineup. See who is playing!

G-Love is coming back to Nosara on November 24th. Check here for details.


Costa Rica Finishes the Vissla ISA Jrs. in 13th Place. Read the results of the event for the Tico team.


Community Carbon Trees heads to Kenya to replicate tree planting project with the Maasai.

Another cleanup takes place on November 24th at the Cabo Blanco Reserve south of Mal Pais. Check their Facebook event for more information.

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Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 11/11 - The conditions for good surf are coming together for the upcoming week.  We are having lots of off-shore mornings and the morning tides are already high enough for a quick session before it rips out till the afternoon high tides again.  The swell is well overhead now and needs to settle down a little bit here for the surf to reach misto levels.  The rainy season bugs have thinned out, but you’ll need good sun protection as the sun is particularly dangerous this time of the year with some cloud cover.


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 11/11 - Fun a waves un Tamarindo, 2ft within the mid tides, sunny days are already here although showers and on shore winds as well. Line up is getting busier with surf schools and the beginers at the sand bars. Due the change of moon tides are bigger, moving lots of sand and creating stronger currents, so be aware of this changing conditions and keep It safe and within your limits. Marbella has been fun to ride along the week with the SW swell remaining un the area, not too busy, I would think the bar conditions if the road stop people from driving all the way. Surf All Day with Seafari Costa Rica, daily surf trips. Surf with our professional guides the “must visit” surf breaks in Guanacaste. Options vary from 3 to 5 hours and full day. Ride with the locals, later enjoy the GoPro´s footage of your best rides.


Surfing Nosara Chico Lopez at SurfingNosara.com - 11/11 - Today we started another beautiful day, sunny skies.  The waves are good and fun, they size are shoulder high to head high, and occasionally the big set and onshore wind.

South Nicoya Peninsula

Mal Pais

Solspot Surf Forecast

Solspot - 11/11 - 3-4 feet with a dominant SSW med-period swell. Primary Swell: 2.7ft. 14.5 seconds 209 degrees (SSW) / Secondary Swell: 1.8ft. 11.7 seconds 182 degrees (S). Partly cloudy in the morning with light winds from the NNE. Light rain shower in the afternoon with moderate winds from the SSW. Forecast: Southwest long-period swell slowly fading with background South windswell building.  

Jaco / Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 11/8 - Sun out strong here in Playa Hermosa.  New SSW filling in 3-4ft+ this morning and building.  Outlook is good thru the weekend. We are offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, fitness, healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.

Manuel Antonio / Dominical

Manuel Antonio

manuel-antonio-surf-school-125Luis at Manuel Antonio Surf School - 11/11 - Today the waves were very small in the morning and in the afternoon around 2, we started to get some good 2ft waves.  Thanksgiving Promo - Running from November 17 - November 30. Both 4 night and 7 night all-inclusive surf camp packages are 20% off.


Steve Fergus at Jazzys River House - 11/11 - This morning's dropping tide held no special draw for the surf crowd.  3'-4', clean lines, mild offshore, no peaks just hard dumping walls without shoulders.  Mostly closed out and hardly worth the effort.  Only a handful out with little luck between them.  Playa Hermosa south much the same - smaller with no better conditions.  Playa Dominicalito too small and too gentle for most anyone.  

Hotel Roca Verde is happy to offer live music on Thursday nights.  Come dance with singer/songwriter Ken Nickel and electric fiddler Nancy Buchan supplying the lively beat.  Great food, great music, great beachfront atmosphere.  Check www.jazzysriverhouse.com for low season specials and discounts or stop by and visit artist Ruby-Kim in her home/studio/gallery.  Be sure to ask about her popular class where she teaches the ancient arts of weaving, twining, sewing, etc...   Also see Steve if you could use some help relieving sore muscles, aches and pains.  His East/West massage therapy can be quite helpful.  Also check with Steve about surf lessons, board rentals and yoga classes.

Southern Zone


Una Ola Pavones Surf CampColin at Una Ola Surf Camp - 11/11 - 3-5’ with fair shape Building swell this morning on the early morning high tide, which is mushing it out a bit, and causing the waves to break really close to shore.  The conditions are good, and the waves should improve as the tide drops slightly.  Should be a good day of surf if the winds stay calm.

The Caribbean

Salsa Brava

Solspot Surf Forecast

Solspot - 11/11 - 2-4 feet with a dominant ENE short-period swell. Primary Swell: 6.6ft. 7.1 seconds 62 degrees (ENE). Forecast: Small East-Northeast short-period swell steady oil Wednesday.

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