Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 20, Issue #956
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 20, Issue #958

Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 20, Issue #957

PIC OF THE WEEK: Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your skin and the gentle rocking of the ocean while waiting for a wave. Photo: Bart Sadowski

TIDES for March 13th, 2019


High Tide: 7.45 feet at 7:09 a.m.
Low Tide: .95 feet at 1:06 p.m.
(add ~50 min. each day)

Full Moon - March 20th

National Forecast

Caribbean 3-5 ft. 3-5 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft.
North Pacific 3-4 ft. 4-6 ft. 5-7 ft. 4-5 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 4-6 ft.
South Pacific 2-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 4-6 ft. 3-5 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-4 ft. 3-5 ft.

Caribbean - Waves are consistent this week from ENE with a 8-9 second period and breaking chest to head high, with a few overhead sets. Nothing big expected through next week as the winter wave season winds down.

Pacific - A new SSW swell (2.5 ft. at 14 seconds) arrives Friday but the angle means the Galapagos blocks part of the swell from the southern beaches (south of Playa Hermosa/Jaco). That means by Saturday Nosara will be 1-3 feet overhead while Dominical is just overhead. A similar swell return next Tuesday also pushing in more overhead sets through next Thursday.

Facebook and Video Favorites

If you are looking for some fun and stylish surf accessories like board bags, check out Pura Vida Board Gear, based in Jaco, on Facebook

The waves in Playa Hermosa have been incredible the last couple of days! See some of the best sets on video shot earlier this week by Cheech on Beach

Check out some of the best waves from the recent locals surf contest held in Santa Teresa, filmed by Mal Pais Surf Cam.


Send in your favorite links to see it posted on the surf report!

View past links to our top lists of YouTube & Facebook videos and Facebook sites


Surf Pavones with Andrea Diaz this May and September

Surf with ROCHELLE BALLARD and YOGA TRADE. An intimate week of surf coaching, yoga, and sustainable living in Pavones, Costa Rica. March 23rd to 30th.

Surf retreat with Frieda Zamba at Del Mar Surf Camp in Nosara at the end of March. Contact us for details!

Do you want to take a surf lesson or tour around Dominical or Uvita? See our favorite guides.


The Copa Snacks Pro hosted by Punto Surf takes place this weekend behind the Vida Hermosa Hotel in Playa Hermosa. There are categories for Open, Masters, Metro Juniors, Gloms, and SUP with $1000 in prizes. Check their Facebook event post for details.

March is ladies month for Manuel Antonio Surf School and therefore all women and girl receive 10% off of their surf lessons for the remainder of the month. Promo Code: SURFERGIRL 

2019 Kolbi Circuito Nacional de Surf Calendar:
Playa Guiones ~ March 23-24
Santa Teresa ~ April 27-28
Avellanas ~ May 18-19
Jaco ~ June 29-30
Playa Hermosa ~ July 26-27-28

Banana Beach Club is hosting an Air Show every Monday in Santa Teresa from now until April 29th. $250 in prizes offered in three categories - tag team, best air, and best wave.

Circuito Guanacaste de Surf has their final contest at Playa Negra on June 1st-2nd.

Backyard Surf Series in Playa Hermosa - Every Friday and Saturday behind the Backyard Bar starting at 4 p.m. 


How the Envision Festival Changed my Life and Community by Amber Hagberg

International Surf Film Festival in Tamarindo's will be held on the evenings of March 15th and 16th, 2019 at the brand new movie theater Multicines at the Garden Plaza in Playa Tamarindo; working in tandem with the Robert August Surf & Turf event. 

Follow Operation Rich Coast to see when beach cleanups are taking place this month.

Book a trip through CRsurf and we will sponsor a tree in your name through our partners at

--> CRSURF discounts <--

Get $5 off a surf lesson with Dominical Surf School (just mention us) 

Beginner Surf Package with Seafari CR in Tamarindo: Save 10% on early bird prices. 

5% off at Dollar Car Rental add 'crsurf' as the coupon code

10% off at WOW Surf by mentioning CRsurf at checkout

10% off at Adventure Inn add 'crsurf' as the coupon code

5-20% off at Alamo, Adobe, or Vamos Car Rental. Alamo also gives a free extra driver and with collision coverage only a $500 deductible. 


Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 3/13 - Presently there are perfect conditions for well overhead surf.  The surfing high tides are in the morning and great conditions should occur through the weekend if it doesn’t get too big.


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 3/11 - Very windy conditions in Tamarindo, double sessions week just started on Sunday, 1-2ft waves within mid tides, river mouth is the best break for more advanced surfers who would enjoy a small drop but fast and hollow ride.

Winds seems to remain along this week as well as a high pressure system is on the radar, that means withe caps and watch out for any board flying either on the water or on the beach. Been so windy is always good to remind all surfers of all levels, to practice the head cover when you find yourself underwater and not holding the board, because its always better to feel it than hit it hard! Further down the coast the wind line still strong but it lets the SW swell arrive and socre some 3ft waves down in Junquillal.
Basics of Surfing program by Seafari Costa Rica: It’s essential that you learn to have a healthy respect for the ocean and the conditions that it can provide. You must also know how to behave around other surfers, the positions to adopt when in the water both on and off the board, coordination needed to catch a wave, and other fundamental tips for fun and safe surfing. As such, the first 20 minutes of the class include a demonstration from the instructor of basic surf techniques and you will then put this into practice on the beach, before entering the water. Contact us thru CR Surf travel and save up to 10% on early bookings for spring break family programs.
Tamarindo's 1st International Surf Film Festival to be held on the evenings of March 15th and 16th, 2019 at the brand new movie theater Multicines at the Garden Plaza in Playa Tamarindo; working in tandem with the Robert August Surf & Turf event. 


Surfing NosaraChico at - 3/12 -  Another amaizing morning with really good and big waves, with more faster shape than yesterday. They size are head high to couple feet overhead, with the occasionally the big sets coming, and offshore wind.

South Nicoya Peninsula

Mal Pais Surf - 3/9 - This morning at 10 am at the Local Surf Contest waves were chest to head high. Off shore wind and sunny clear skies. Nice waves and great conditions at low tide. Locals ripping at the contest and good waves all over the place.

Jaco / Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 3/11 - FUN and nice shape S mixing in with SW Waist to Shoulder High- 3-5ft – Outlook to peak mañana  –  Sun is out strong in Playa Hermosa.

 Local’s Corner: – Every Weekend don’t miss the Master’s Surf Series – 4PM on Fridays and the Saturday Surf Series on Saturdays – 4PM in front of the Backyard Bar.  

Mark your calendars for the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Fishing Tournament  - Dates: Leg Three - March 27-30. 

Manuel Antonio / Dominical

Manuel Antonio

manuel-antonio-surf-school-125Luis at Manuel Antonio Surf School - 3/12 - The conditions have been a little choppy due to wind. We recommend Dominical and Domincalito.

We have a special going for March. March is ladies month for us and therefore all women and girl receive 10% off of their surf lessons for the remainder of the month. Promo Code: SURFERGIRL


Steve at Jazzys River House - 3/12 - Overhead waves this morning at higher tides.  Very nice, clean form.  Not many peaks - a few - but mostly long walls, closed out, shoulders only.  Blue sky, mild offshore, bright sun.  Small, scattered crowds.  Crazy, strong rip currents, especially at lower tides.  Dominicalito, the Point and Playa Hermosa South all better than average.  Hotel Roca Verde finds the 'G-String Cowboys' featuring Nancy Buchan and her magic electric fiddle rocking the house each Friday night.  Start your weekend off right...dinner and dancing and live music...on the beach south of Dominical.  Monday nights catch Nancy again at Tortilla Flats.  Great food, great sunset spot.  

Check for specials and discounts or stop in and say hi and visit Ruby's fine art studio and gallery and ask about her popular class which she calls 'Plant Part Art'.  Learn the ancient crafts of weaving, twining, plaiting and sewing.  If you're looking for relief from muscle aches and pains check with Steve as his East/West Taoist massage therapy can be most helpful.  See Steve also for surf lessons and board sales and rentals.  Steve also offers instruction in Traditional Taoist Internal Exercises.  

Southern Zone


Una Ola Pavones Surf CampColin at Una Ola Surf Camp - 3/12 - 2-3ft Small surf, picking up in the waist to chest high range with clean, glassy conditions all morning.

The Caribbean

Salsa Brava

Solspot Surf Forecast

Solspot - 3/13 - 5-6 feet with a dominant ENE med-period swell. Primary Swell: 9.7ft. 8.4 seconds 67 degrees (ENE).

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