Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1000
April 7, 2020
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1002
April 30, 2020

Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 21, Issue #1001

PIC OF THE WEEK: I'm dreaming about surfing waves like these.  How about you?  Photo by: Tony at Via de Agua

Even though no one is currently allowed on the beaches, we want to continue our surf reports to highlight what is happening in Costa Rica's beachside communities. 

TIDES for April 18th, 2020


High Tide: 7.32 feet at 12:04 p.m.
Low Tide: 1.78 feet at 6:17 p.m.

New Moon - April 22nd

National Forecast

Caribbean 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft.
North Pacific 2-3 ft. 2-3 ft. 3-4 ft. 4-6 ft. 5-6 ft. 4-6 ft. 4-5 ft.
South Pacific 2-4 ft. 2-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 4-7 ft. 5-7 ft. 4-6 ft. 4-6 ft.


Caribbean - Fading ENE swell (4.5 ft at 8 seconds) leaves only waist high surf with the rare chest high wave through Monday. Then it's mostly knee to waist high for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Pacific -  Waves gets smaller through Monday, dropping to waist to chest high for the beach breaks. Then a new SW swell (214 degrees) fills in with overhead sets that stay around through Saturday. Another swell arrives from the South Sunday that is less strong but keeps it head high to start the week. The rest of next weeks stays chest to head high with background SSW and SW swell.

REMINDER - The beaches of Costa Rica are currently closed for ALL activities, including surfing. Please respect the laws until the ban is lifted.

Facebook and Video Favorites

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, they have dedicated ourselves over the course of our 10-year history to a cause that is very near and dear to their hearts: environmental awareness and conservation. They are a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet, and are always looking for ways to do business better, differently, and use their company as a force for good. Check out their Ocean Guardians video on YouTube.

Visit Cahuita is a community group that is raising funds for families on the Caribbean coast to help them buy food. Check out their Facebook page to see how to help.

Check the Costa Rica Health Department Facebook page for daily updates on the Covid-19 virus. 

View past links to our top lists of YouTube videos and Facebook sites


Send in your favorite links to see it posted on the surf report!


Flights are still inexpensive and many you can cancel/change with no fees!  Orlando to San Jose for only $200 roundtrip on Copa Airlines (May 27th to June 2nd). Or Los Angeles to San Jose for only $239 (June 24th - July 1st) on Avianca Airlines.
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CR Surf Travel Company is a licensed and insured travel agency.

Costa Rica registers first-ever decrease in active coronavirus cases - from the Tico Times

THE HOWLER - Tamarindo's oldest publication - has a new website with digital versions of their last four years. Check out their awesome stories about surfing and traveling on the Guanacaste coast. 

See our customized vacation packages to offer you the best possible surfing experience in Costa Rica.


A new petition has been created "For The Legalization Of Surfing While Practicing Social Distancing In Costa Rica". Click to sign!

If you are missing the waves in Dominical, check out the latest surf video sessions by Tony at Via de Agua on YouTube.

We will repost the surf competition events as soon as the country re-opens their beaches.


These Groups are Helping Families in Costa Rica Get Food - UPDATED to include Cahuita - Even if you cannot make it to Costa Rica to visit, you can still assist the communities who make it such a friendly place.

Bodhi Surf School in Uvita has put out a COOKBOOK of their favorite local recipes. Download one today and support a surf school that gives back to their community and protects the environment. (A $20 donation is suggested - LINK)

Community Carbon Trees is working to replicate their sustainable reforestation using fairly paid labor to the Amazon Rainforest which is suffering from deliberate fires set by farmers and ranchers. They also have reforestation projects in Kenya and Costa Rica, paying fair labor rates and fostering community leadership and business skills for women.  Book a trip through CRsurf and we will sponsor a tree in your name.


Safari Surf School is offering $500 per person discounts on their Tortuga Packages and $400 on their Azul Packages for a limited time. Contact us for details.

BODHI AWAKEN RETREAT - Learn more about body surfing and save your space here. Mention CRSURF for $50 off!  June 20 - July 4, August 8 - August 22

The Next DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT Surf and Yoga Retreat in Dominical will take place this June 13th to 19th - hosted by Amber Hagberg and Jeanine Haddad from Dominical Wave Rider. Contact us for details. 

Yogi Amber Hagberg has created a Live Your Yoga Mentorship Program that you can sign up for online! Read about it and mention CRSURF for a special unique gift.

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Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 4/15 - We haven’t seen any virus cases in our area and there is a petition circulating asking the government to open the beach up to surfing with more or less the same regulations as Hawaii.  Easter Week was a lock down here and there was almost no one visiting in our communities. You are currently allowed to exercise on the beach but not in groups and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see surfing soon.  The conditions for surfing are still quite good and the crystal clear water is evidently the result of the lack of the population in Tamarindo. 


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 4/15 - == Why GREATER Tamarindo Food Bank? ==

The name of our community is the Greater Tamarindo Food Bank, not because we're so great, but because this is the area we cover at the moment, greater than just Tamarindo. That's about 600 square km (231 sq. miles).
We need more volunteers in this area, we need more alliances with existing organizations and anyone currently helping families. We still need to identify which families are receiving help, and who needs our help because they're not getting help. This is a link for people/families who are interested in get the benefit from the Food Bank near Tamarindo:
This is FB contact in case you want to help or request for help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamarindofoodbank/

South Nicoya Peninsula

Mal Pais Surf CamMalpaisurfCam.com - 4/7 - We will suspend the daily video due to the recomendation of staying home as preventive meassure from the covid-19. If you are in town, I encourage you to help local restarurants by ordering takeaway and delivery. By doing this you help them take care of their staff and provide meals and financial support to the locals who work day in and day out to make this town the beautiful place it is. A site has been put together with the information of some of the restaruants that are still open offering delivery and take out.

If you are in town, I encourage you to help these local restaurants by ordering takeaway and delivery. By doing this you help them take care of their staff and provide meals and financial support to the locals who work day in and day out to make this town the beautiful place it is.

Jaco / Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 4/15 - SSW holding – 4-6ft++ BEACHES CONTINUE TO BE CLOSED – Costa Rica has extended closed borders via land, air & sea – to foreigners and non – residents until April 30th.  Sitting, waiting, wishing, praying for the world

Now offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, Crossfit , healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.

Southern Pacific


Steve at Jazzys River House - 4/16 - Morning rain!  First hard rain in months but it cleared nicely and left us with ultra clear blue skies and great surf.  Some head high sets, mostly long walls but clean, peeling shoulders open to the sand.  Inside a little messy but overall nice lines.  Only thing missing is surfers.  Potential heavy fines not just yellow tape are keeping people away.  All for the best?  Guess we'll wait and see.  Dominical is a ghost town reminiscent of the old days.  Quiet and strangely pleasant.  


Salsa Brava

Caribbean surf forecastSurf Forecast.com - 4/18 - ENE swell 4.5 feet at 8 seconds that keeps it waist high with a rare chest high set. The sets disappear by Tuesday and it stays knee to waist through to the weekend.

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