Surfing with friends near Dominical
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1005
June 3, 2020
Witchs Rock dream wave by Jim Gomez
Costa Rica Surf Travel Report – Volume 21, Issue 1007
July 2, 2020

Costa Rica Surf Travel Report | Volume 21, Issue #1006

PIC OF THE WEEK: Gilbert Brown surfing in his 'Backyard' at Playa Hermosa.  Photo by: Chucky Surf Photos

TIDES for June 15th, 2020


High Tide: 7.74 feet at 10:30 a.m.
Low Tide: 2.1 feet at 4:45 p.m.

New Moon - June 21st

We now have 2021 Costa Rica tide charts!

National Forecast

Caribbean 2-3 ft. 2-4 ft. 3-5 ft. 4-5 ft. 4-6 ft. 5-7 ft. 5-7 ft.
North Pacific 5-7 ft. 4-6 ft. 3-5 ft. 4-6 ft. 5-7 ft. 5-7 ft. 5-7 ft.
South Pacific 6-7 ft. 4-6 ft. 4-5 ft. 5-7 ft. 6-8 ft. 6-8 ft. 6-8 ft.


Caribbean - Waist high waves until Thursday, when some chest high surf pushes in from the Northeast (4.5 feet at 9 seconds). Then more NE swell fills in for the weekend (6.5 ft at 10 seconds) which means 1-2 foot overhead surf with some bigger sets lasting all next week.

Pacific -  SSW swell drops to head high by Thursday, but then another SSW arrives to push in more 1-2 feet overhead waves through the weekend (maxes Sunday at 5.1 feet at 14 seconds). Then another SSW arrives to keep it 1-3 feet overhead until next Thursday. 

REMINDER - Most beaches of Costa Rica will be open for surfing on May 18th, for Mondays - Fridays, only from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.  Plus some National Marine Refuges open for surfing ALL days. Find out more here.

Facebook and Video Favorites

CEPIA Costa Rica has helped distribute food to over 1600 families in May. Watch their video and donate to their efforts.

Yes, there is a group for people like me - Surfers Over 40 - on Facebook


Check the Costa Rica Health Department Facebook page for daily updates on the Covid-19 virus. 

View past links to our top lists of YouTube videos and Facebook sites


Send in your favorite links to see it posted on the surf report!


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Take a Surf Trip to Esterillos Oeste

Feature Article - How One Wave in Costa Rica Changed My Life

Why Costa Rica is a Great Place for a Family Vacation

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Some Costa Rica Beaches to Stay Open All Day for Surfing. Others remain open only Monday to Friday, from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., until July 12th. See which beaches they are here

You can now watch the full version of the movie - PANDEMIA - featuring the hottest surfers in Central America on YouTube

We will repost the surf competition events as soon as the country re-opens their beaches.


These Groups are Helping Families in Costa Rica Get Food - Even if you cannot make it to Costa Rica to visit, you can still assist the communities who make it such a friendly place.

Bodhi Surf School in Uvita has put out a COOKBOOK of their favorite local recipes. Download one today and support a surf school that gives back to their community and protects the environment. (A $20 donation is suggested - LINK)

Community Carbon Trees is working to replicate their sustainable reforestation using fairly paid labor to the Amazon Rainforest which is suffering from deliberate fires set by farmers and ranchers. They also have reforestation projects in Kenya and Costa Rica, paying fair labor rates and fostering community leadership and business skills for women.  Book a trip through CRsurf and we will sponsor a tree in your name.


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Northern Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Grande

Hotel Las Tortugas

Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas - 6/13 - The beach is open for surfing and the locals are enjoying the uncrowded surf.  It’s been a long time since I have seen so much comradery and courteous interaction in Playa Grande.  The absence of the surf schools is noticeable.  Our Indian Summer conditions are beginning to peak through bringing light off shores to the early morning, heavy surf.  So far the international tourism is closed and the challenges at the borders with new cases of the virus have cast a shadow on the opening dates for the airports. 


Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica - 6/13 -

Waves in Tamarindo had been fun 2ft average with some sets up to 3ft, having the influence of a south swell the northern sand bars near the river mouth were the most active and therefore busy, plenty of longboards and  a group of Sup surfers, plenty of fun for all, set were not  very consistent giving time to catch up with the people while waiting in the line up. Weather is typical for June, random showers along the day or at night, lightning storms passing by and shifty wind conditions in the afternoons.
Langosta giving up to 4ft f waves, reef breaks were the best selections and the crowd is basically the locals from the neighborhood.
Beach opening schedules had changed in some areas, as for Tamarindo and Avellanas, it remains the same, open Monday to Friday from 5am to 8am. Playa Grande and Langosta are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm; Saturday and Sunday 5am to 8am
The spikes in Covid19 cases in CR are to some specific areas of the country, the government still easing measures in other areas of the country, i.e. restaurants are allowed to open during weekends and some itinerary extensions in vehicular restriction. 
With the current circumstances we all appreciate everything everybody has been doing to help and assist the most affected families in the country. If you have the possibility to donate, these are few links to different Foundations/ONG that operates in Guanacaste and/or along the country:


Surfing NosaraEli at - 6/13 - Cloudy morning and the conditions today improved a little with some nice waves. The size is shoulder high to head high.

South Nicoya Peninsula

Santa Teresa

Caribbean surf forecastSurf - 6/14 - SSW swell pushing 3.5 feet at 14 seconds so a foot overhead but dropping a foot a day through Tuesday. Then a new swell picks up (5.5 ft at 15 seconds) also from the SSW so more surf 2-3 feet overhead through Friday. 

Jaco / Playa Hermosa


WOW Surf Shop JacoChuck at Wow Surf Shop in Jaco - 6/13 - we’re back on the 5-8 am gig at Hermosa, it’s trying times and with this rising cases of Covid -19 I figure the powers that be are going to keep restrictions in place. I won’t voice an opinion on this it’s too complicated. Surf has been decent if really funky, way too much weather around so you can get a good one but you get lucky and can also get a great wave out there. Here at WOW SURF we are still on that appointment only thing and I’ve actually done really well with product being ordered thru email/fb/etc . I am doing great deals on product right now I’d rather sell this stuff now and take a hit and reorder new product when it’s time . Teusday 26th I’ll be in the store 10-1 with appointments but if you need something drop by , please bring cash I have no internet or credit card machines but you’ll be stoked with the deals I’m doing! Pura Vida stay safe and stay healthy! (details on the raffle to win the Hypto Krypto)

Playa Hermosa

Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - 6/13 - S / SSW Swell 5-7ft+ Set to fade thru beginning of the week. Fair Conditions – rains in the area. Local’s Corner: Saturday Surf Series on hold For now.

Now offering Surf & Fitness Packages: Surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), yoga, Crossfit , healthy food & plenty of good times included! More information.

Southern Pacific

Quepos/Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio Surf SchoolLuis at Manuel Antonio Surf School - 6/15 - Manuel Antonio beach waves are looking good this morning
The low tideis  at 4:50 am and the high tide 11 am. The waves height will remain between 2ft to 4ft during the day. The wind will be to 2 to 6 kph with clouds and some rain during the day, but don't let that stop you to get in the water. Dominicalito same conditions. Best time to surf there is always during high tide.


Steve at Jazzys River House - 6/14 - The swell is gone.  Down to 3' - 4' this morning with poor conditions due to stormy weather.  Choppy, uneven sections coming from all directions.  Dominical still a ghost town, quiet and peaceful like the old days.  Lockdown continues.  Monday through Friday beach openings from 5am - 8am still in effect.  Pura Vida! Jazzy's River House has a fully furnished rental cabina available long term - $800/mo. Utilities, wifi, laundry included.  Contact Steve: or 506-8420-4406 (call or txt).


Salsa Brava

Caribbean surf forecastSurf - 6/15 - Waves are waist high with a rare chest high set. (4 ft at 8 seconds from the ENE). It picks up a foot Thursday with some NE swell and then Saturday another 1-2 feet from a 6 foot at 10 seconds NE swell that lasts through the weekend and in to early next week. 

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